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Two tons of marijuana seized from 18-wheeler in Reynosa

August 15th 2012   ·   17 Comments

More than two tons of marijuana are off the streets after authorities found it hidden inside a shipment of fruit south of the border in Reynosa.

It all happened late at a checkpoint on the Monterrey-Reynosa Highway late Monday night.

Mexico’s Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA) reports that soldiers at the checkpoint stopped an 18-wheeler for inspection.

Soldiers allegedly found 75 sacks with 4,506 pounds of marijuana hidden among a shipment of fruit.

SEDENA officials reported that two people have been arrested but their identities have not been released.

The case remains under investigation.

Personal Militar asegura más de dos toneladas de marihuana en el municipio de Cd. Reynosa, Tamps.

Reynosa, Tamps., a 14 de Agosto de 2012, la Secretaría de la Defensa Nacional a través de la Comandancia de la IV Región Militar y de la 8/a. Zona Militar, informa a la opinión pública que personal militar, desplegado en el Estado de Tamaulipas, en el marco de la Estrategia Integral del Estado Mexicano en contra del narcotráfico y la delincuencia organizada dentro de la operación “NORESTE”, siendo las 2350 horas del 13 de Agosto de 2012, durante el establecimiento de un Puesto  Militar de Seguridad en el kilometro 30 carretera Reynosa – Monterrey, municipio de Cd. Reynosa, Tamps., al realizar una revisión a un tractocamión con caja remolque que transportaba fruta, se aseguraron 75 costales conteniendo paquetes de marihuana confeccionados con cinta canela con un peso total de 2,044.6 Kilogramos.

Durante este evento se detuvo a dos personas mismas que se pusieron a disposición de las autoridades correspondientes, junto con el vehículo y la droga asegurada.

Estas acciones refrendan el compromiso con la sociedad que las Fuerzas Armadas han adquirido dentro del marco de la “Operación Noreste”, para generar un clima de paz, confianza y concordia en la población.

Se agradece la colaboración de la ciudadanía por su apoyo al denunciar de manera anónima y totalmente confidencial actos delictivos que coadyuven a la captura de integrantes de la delincuencia organizada a los números telefónicos y correos electrónicos siguientes:


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Readers Comments (17)

  1. Betty Knight says:

    Yaaaa work those borders !!! Keep that dope and stuff out of America

  2. Must have been heading to the bank to make a deposit! Or maybe Goldman Sachs.

  3. The prices in DC are going to go up again! Oh, wait, it was seized by the GOVERNMENT! PARTY IN D.C. THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Rynee Clarke says:

    WTG!!! Wonder how much more could be interdicted if we had 10,000 more officers, state-of-the-art surveillance & weapons, and fight this thing like the war it is!

  5. that’s 8 miles from McAllen. Just a peachy place to live……….NOT!

  6. Jon Mcgraw says:

    Obama is gonna take 20 percent as a finders fee.

  7. obomba’ will build them their own hiway if elected again !!

  8. Do know (FACT) the white people sent them across telling them there family will be with in the us they give them money and tell them they willhave a house so on and so on,Dum shits i know some of this ass holes, and iam hiting the keys so hard right iam going to break it,

  9. Marilyn if you only live 8 miles you must be poor

  10. Paul J. Rihs says:

    A minister told our church group, years ago, thst marijuana was the key to the candy store!

  11. I wouldn’t smoke it if it were free but like Ron Paul I don’t think this is a problem drug. These people are always portrayed as laid back and non violent. Maybe there would be fewer crimes?

  12. Grow this stuff here in America. We need more jobs and crops that will grow under any circumstances and climates, After all it’s just a weed

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