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Homeland Security wants to expand NM border zone

August 9th 2012   ·   15 Comments

ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico – The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is eyeing a plan to extend the border zone in New Mexico by 30 miles to allow some Mexican nationals to visit deeper into the U.S.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano announced Wednesday the proposed changes to extend the border zone in New Mexico up to 55 miles, from the current 25 mile restriction, for “border crossing card” holders.

The proposed changes would allow those card holders to travel to Deming and Las Cruces, N.M. Proponents say the move would stimulate trade and tourism activity. It would also reduce the amount of paperwork for the border patrol when processing visitors with cards.

Changes are scheduled Thursday to be published in the federal register and the public will have 60 days to comment on them.

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Readers Comments (15)

  1. G. Meentemeyer Sr. says:

    Hell NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Should DECREASE the distance from where it is now. Make it MORE difficult for illegals that “overstay” their visas, whether it be for education or whatever. Post US armed Troops at the border too, as well as along the miles of fencing and unprotected ranges. Give them the authority to shoot “to kill” when needed.

  2. Judith Syrett says:

    This is crazy. What good are borders if it is legal to ignore them? Is this 55 miles a no-man’s land?

  3. Brian says:

    I think you guys are confused by this. I am a conservative libertarian…. The libertarian in me reads this different then what a lot of people are responding too… We currently allow people to come here daily for work/shopping at the border crossings. They are limited to going 25miles into the US. There are check points further out similar to the border crossings. What this does is extend the 25m zone out to/up to 55 miles in certain areas.

    So the people are already coming here LEGALLY DAILY but can only travel 25miles within, they would be able to go up to 55miles…

  4. Bob Woelpper says:

    I know enforcement nots happening any where along the border. That i do know.

  5. just do away with borders, walla, no more paperwork !!!!!

  6. Stan Cruz says:

    We should have and enforce THE SAME illegal immigration (border sneaks) Mexico, Iran, N. Korea, and Cuba have.

  7. Need to establish a “Dead Zone” from the border ON BOTH SIDES of the fence. 200 meters from the border, you will get shot on site. No warning.

  8. Al Chaney says:

    Lets give away more land to Mexico, NOT!! Enforce the immigration laws as they are now, do your jobs or get out!

  9. Duane Yocum says:

    Just when you thought that Idiot Woman couldn’t get any more dangerous! (that’s not meant as a sexist comment, calm down…)

  10. I tried to read this page and it said not available or removed? I would suggest we put a fence around the entire District of Corruption, block all communication and our countries health would immediately be on the road to recovery. Then we could get serious on fixing our borders etc. We have to excise the cancer in D.C. before it kills us!

  11. Chuck Miller says:

    The North American Union– 2005 George Bush–does not allow Borders Closed , here to Mexico –or–here to Canada———US Government just does their “Spin” and does not give all Information to US CITIZANS___BECAUSE, WE THE PEOPLE DO NOT COUNT FOR ANYTHING BUT NUMBERS.———-I do not Know how Adult American Citizans, seem to NOT KNOW, after the Past 10-20 years*** US GOVERNMENT does not work “FOR” AMERICA***

  12. Kevin Dana says:

    Hell no ! Stop them at the Border. check all of those express passes that are out of date too. Quit kissing Mexico,s a!@ all the time. We are not suposed to be Mexico,s Wellfare Department.

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