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Agents Seize More Than 300 Pounds of Marijuana

August 18th 2012   ·   21 Comments

Border Patrol Agents in New Mexico and El Paso arrested three alleged drug smugglers and seized more than 300 pounds of marijuana valued at $241,200 in two separate busts Wednesday.

Agents on horseback assigned in Fabens, Texas, put their tracking skills to work by stopping two smugglers carrying 113.5 pounds of pot with an estimated street value of $90,800.

The two are currently being held at the El Paso County Jail.

In a separate incident, agents assigned to the Alamogordo Station in New Mexico, arrested a U.S. citizen after a canine alerted them to a horse trailer.

Inside the trailer agents found more than 200 pounds of marijuana with an approximate street value $150,400. This driver was arrested and is currently being held at the Doña Ana County Jail.


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Readers Comments (21)

  1. Pam McDonald says:

    Yah….that’s to go with the millions of rounds of ammo the government has been purchasing and distributing in Mexico.

  2. And how much cocaine, meth, and guns did you let pass???????????

  3. Kevin Stacy says:

    Why does this issue come up time and time again? The answer is simple………close the damn border! an un-crossable wall with about a million volts attached to it might do the trick, damn people come up with some kind of solution before it’s too late.

  4. Doc Farmer says:

    They neglect to mention that the agents then seized over two tons of Doritos…

  5. Pam Hibbs says:

    They need to seize more drugs and return all the illegals.

  6. What would Happen if we just kept taken there pot and got some lounge chairs and set right across the border and had a party and laugh at them.

  7. Hey even better yet! Put the troops on the border with their heaviest “Hand-carried” weapons and let our boys have some live target practice.

  8. Sam Sanchez says:

    We need Geronimo. He spent decades hunting and killing mexicans that crossed into apache land. Contrary to what idiot professors in California are teaching latinos, the indians hated mexicans.

  9. Would you all be sweet hearts and please tell the truth, of what is going on about all the ammo, they are buying, homeland security??? We do have the right to know, and I hope my dream does not come true that I had in 2008, just before Obama got elected, people were running in the streets and they had the streets barricade up, and they were shooting people everywhere!!! so please be good Samaritans and find out what is going on, before it is to late, thank you for watching our borders for us, and I will pray for you all, O father, may you keep our Borders safe and the people that are guarding them and put a shield over them and keep them safe, in Jesus name Amen!!!

  10. Lets start shooting them for the protection of our citizens.They will get serious when A W.M.D. is brought through our southern border and god only knows how many dead Americans.

  11. Why will they get serious ! Because they know the citizens of America would demand it.So they would act quick to save there own asses.And there are so many stupid people that it will be o.k as long as they act after the fact. WAKE UP !!!!!

  12. Sam, he hunted and killed us too!

  13. Rod Robbins says:

    don’t let Obama see that pot.

  14. James Lair says:

    The borders could be controlled but they don’t want to do that.we need tot fight fire with fire. We are fighting the drug war half ass we need to go in there and kick ass instead. Do what it takes to control this problem and use as much force as ñeeded to stop this.

  15. Ben Packard says:

    Totally sick and tired of statistics, here in Kali very few illegals are caught growing, some how very few arrests are made, and charges are idiocy because they cannot be prosecuted here for lack of will or law made to send them home. I could give a damn less over Mota than the putrid crooked law enforcement.

  16. The “Drug War” isn’t that much different from Vietnam. Run by politicians. Sorta like taking your sick kid to the auto repair shop. DUMB ! ! ! ! !

  17. That’s going to do a lot of good. All those people who won’t be getting their weed are going to have to resort to the legal drug, alcohol. When’s the last time you heard of a life lost because of a high driver? Bud doesn’t kill people, alcohol does.

  18. These people are on our highways…with us and our kids! Scary isn’t it?

  19. Greg Cochran says:

    there are some loads that dont go through a border crossing thats why we need the Frigging fence and more stations to cover it all

  20. That’s just a drop in the bucket!

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