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Relative: Family shot ICE agent out of fear

July 8th 2012   ·   15 Comments

HARGILL — A father and two sons shot at a federal immigration agent parked outside their home along the Texas border this week because they were afraid someone was going to break in, a relative told a newspaper.

U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agent Kelton Harrison was shot in the back early Tuesday, when prosecutors say Pedro Alvarez and his sons, ages 18 and 16, fired at Harrison’s vehicle and chased the agent as he sped away. Prosecutors say Harrison had been watching for an anticipated drug deal. His condition is improving.

Amparo Ramirez, the family matriarch, told the San Antonio Express-News in a story published Saturday that Harrison was parked on the next-door property and that no attempt was made to notify home owners of surveillance activity.

“They thought it was somebody breaking in,” Ramirez said. “The ICE didn’t identify itself. The kids explained what they did.”
Alvarez, 41, and his 18-year-old son, Arnoldo Alvarez, are charged with assault of a federal officer and knowingly using and carrying a firearm during a violent crime. His younger son has been charged with attempted capital murder in a state district court.


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Readers Comments (15)

  1. Michaeal Allen says:

    I’m sorry I’m having a hard time chocking this down. Has anyone checked how many phone calls they made after they shot the ICE officer, and it wasn’t on their property so why didn’t they call the police? Are they US Citizens? How did they get the weapons and are they legal weapons? Is anyone asking these questions? I hope so.

  2. The shot at a man unprovoked and need to be tried for attempted man slaughter. All three idiots need to be charged as adults and face the music.

  3. Gary Hamill says:

    they should be hung and then put on a barbwire fence for buzzard bait

  4. Jason Lopez says:

    “Residents were not notified of surveillance.” Since when do we announce to the bag guys “we’re waiting to bust your drug deal.” Try all three as adults and let them feel the weight of their stupidity.

  5. The border states are on their own since the Obama Adminstration will not enforce Federal law

  6. Shot in the back!!??
    Throw the book at those 3 idiots and make it stick!!
    And if they are ILLEGAL aliens, send them back to where they came from, tarred & feathered on a rail!!

  7. Chuck Hajek says:

    yeah sure, their hispanis illegal lawyer (that US citizens paid for his education) says that I’m sure….

  8. If they are ILLEGAL INVADERS, Fry THEM!!!

  9. Fear of what? Being sent home. Well, go or go to Jail.

  10. Zero tolerance for assault on ANY law enforcement officer. Tell Holder zere tolerance!

  11. What’s sad is Obama doesn’t care about anybody. He allowed illegals to come here illegally, to illegally vote in elections that they have no right to vote in and I feel that he plans to use them to start riots that will give him the authority to call martial law while they are dying in the streets. The only reason that it has not already happened is because of the American people not because of Obama. He has already tried many times. He tries to provoke Americans by taunting and pushing them with his “in your face” corruption and dictatorship. The Wall Street protesters were supposed to be the catalyst but that kind of teetered out. Americans are trying to follow our laws and wait for the legal process to work. If it fails, and it can only fail if he corrupts it, I am sure there are many Americans who will be ready for whatever it takes. We won’t be like the Germans, nor the Jewish people. We won’t stand idly by. We are too educated and to loyal to our beloved Country to just let someone, anyone just come in and take our country. We have lost too many sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, aunts and uncles to the war for freedom.

  12. Dan Rothman says:

    I think Obama kidnapped the Lindbergh baby, and I have pictures of him, with the Bin Laden family. Oh wait, that was the other president. It may interest people that have never read a history, or political science book that it is Congress job to legislate new laws, not the president. The president is the commander and chief of the armed forces that recently killed Bin Laden, and his five top operatives. Fixed noise “never let the facts get in the way of a good tirade!

  13. @ Dan Rothman, you are right, it is congresses job to legislate new laws, but when there is a tyrant like Obama in the Whitehouse that bypasses congress every chance he gets, it is kind of hard for them to do there job. And he may be commander in chief, but he had very LITTLE to do with killing Bin-Laden.

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