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ICE agent shot in northern Hidalgo County

July 3rd 2012   ·   24 Comments

Several people are being held for questioning following the shooting of an ICE agent in a rural area of Hidalgo County early Tuesday morning.

Authorities confirmed U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent Kelton Harrison was shot in Hargill around 3:30 a.m. Tuesday.

It all happened while Harrison was conducting surveillance as part of of a criminal investigation in an area off Highway 186 and FM 493.

Investigators confirmed that several “persons of interest” were being held for questioning late Tuesday afternoon.

ICE spokeswoman Nina Pruneda released a statement on the incident.

Pruneda said that the Homeland Security Investigations agent was taken to a local hospital where he underwent surgery and is now listed in stable condition.

Details about the shooting were not immediately available but law enforcement officers are continuing their investigation into the shooting.

No suspects have been arrested or publicly identified at this time.

The FBI’s regional spokesman Erik Vasys said the agency is investigating the shooting of the ICE agent.

“Whenever there is an assault of a federal officer, that’s the FBI’s jurisdiction,” Vasys said.


Special Agent Harrison in stable condition after shooting

ICE Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Special Agent Kelton Harrison is in stable condition at McAllen Medical Hospital. Special Agent Harrison was shot early this morning while conducting surveillance in a brushy area just outside of Hargill, Texas. The surveillance is part of an ongoing criminal investigation.

Special Agent Harrison has been with HSI McAllen since 2010. HSI is currently investigating the shooting with assistance from the Texas Department of Public Safety, the Texas Rangers, the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office and the FBI.

Please continue to keep Special Agent Harrison and his family in your thoughts and prayers during his recovery.

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Readers Comments (24)

  1. PK Johnson says:

    Prayers for the agent for a speedy and complete recovery.

  2. Lucy Guzman says:

    Investigate the Department of Injustice!!

  3. Shawn Covert says:

    I guess Obama views them as disposable commodities.

  4. Hoping that this will serve as a lesson on how dangerous this job really is and Obama should really feel ashamed for not backing these people

  5. Obama refuses to enforce federal laws, the border states are on their own

  6. Lucy Guzman says:

    Investigate the Department of Injustice!

  7. hey was holder there handing out the guns

  8. I thought the ICE agents weren’t going to get involved….

  9. Hope he is okay & heals quickly!

  10. He must have shot himself. Our Govt (including our former Gov) says the border is more secure mow than it has ever been. But then the Atty General of the most transparent administration in the history of this country is facing contempt of Congress charges for not being transparent. Is this BIZZARO WORLD???

  11. Was he also shot with one of the Fast & Furious weapons. Is this another trophy for Obama and Holder? Praying for his full recovery.

  12. What I’d like to know is…why 45 assholes clicked on ” LIKE.” There is NOTHING to LIKE about an immigration officer being SHOT.
    Anyone need clarification on THAT ???!!!

  13. wonder if he was shot with Holder/Obama gun

  14. Steve York says:

    This is getting really bad

  15. And where the hell is our military stationed? In some God forsaken place that hates us!!! Bring them home to protect THEIR/OUR COUNTRY. NOW!!! OBAMA AND HOLDER NEED TO BE IMPEACHED/FIRED as TRAITORS, IMHO!!!

  16. Chuck Hajek says:

    Our prayers are with Agent Harrison. This is getting SO much worse!

  17. Bob Mitchell says:

    This is WAR… more holding, shoot the BASTARDS

  18. Victor Colon says:

    Willing to BET Eric Holder had something to do with it.

  19. I wonder of the weapon used was bought via Operation Fast & Furious?!?

  20. Well in either case …I doubt you will see anything about it on SOCIALIST T.V. ORR hear a word from his HighnASS or Prince/Princess Holder………….

  21. ICE – isn’t that one of Holders people? Now, how does he feel about immigration? Stop the nonsense and protect our borders – keep them all out.

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