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Border Patrol agents accuse Napolitano of lying about security

July 22nd 2012   ·   34 Comments

Federal agents who risk their lives to patrol the U.S. border are slamming their boss — Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano — for giving Americans a “false sense of security” by almost constantly assuring them that the U.S.-Mexican border is safe.

During her visit to Texas, Napolitano stated that violence along the Mexican border is merely a mistaken perception because the area is better now than it ever has been thanks to the Obama Administration’s commitment to “fostering a secure and prosperous” region, according to a public-interest group that investigates and exposes government corruption and fraud.

Napolitano claims that some of America’s safest communities are in the southwest border region, notes Judicial Watch.

Border Patrol union officials say that if the border was better now than it has ever been Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry would not have been brutally murdered by heavily armed Mexican criminals operating over 13 miles inside the United States. In some countries that is construed as an act of war, but here we get words not deeds when Napolitano terms events like this as evidence, “there is much to do with our colleagues in Mexico in respect to the drug cartels.”

It is time for the political games to stop for fear of insulting the government of Mexico. U.S. citizens are being kidnapped and killed while our Border Patrol agents fight a war at home that no one will allow them to win. Not one more Border Patrol agent should fall or citizen be victimized because our government fails to act. Mexico is hemorraghing violence and the United States is being hit with the blood splatter, said a NBPC statement.

The U.S.-Mexico border is unsafe and to say anything else is not true.

Outraged Border Patrol agents on the front line of the escalating violence responded to Napolitano’s politically-motivated comments by reminding politicians, news reporters and the American people that three of their agents have been murdered by Mexican drug cartels in the last few years and ranchers have been gunned down in border communities.

U.S. citizens are also being “kidnapped and killed” with regularity, according to the National Border Patrol Council, which represents more than 17,000 agents nationwide.

As an example of the impact on U.S. communities, the NBPC points out that the Phoenix area has become a “cartel-related crime hotspot.” Simply put, the U.S.-Mexico border is unsafe, the Border Patrol union assures.

“It is time for the political games to stop for fear of insulting the government of Mexico,” the Border Patrol group says. “Mexico is hemorrhaging violence and we are being hit with the splatter.”

The Border Patrol agents are absolutely correct in their assessment. Mexican drug-cartel violence has reached epic proportions and routinely spills into the very towns Napolitano promotes as “America’s safest communities.”

Federal agents have come under siege by heavily armed drug smugglers and local media has exposed record levels in crimes associated with illicit narcotics operations. In fact, more than 13,000 people were murdered across Mexico last year in disturbing and cruel ways not previously seen. Regardless, Napolitano declared that the region “is as secure as it has ever been.”

The famous words, ridiculed in the press worldwide, came days after U.S. Border Patrol agents engaged in a violent gun battle with Mexican drug smugglers along the Rio Grande in Texas. The federal officers came under siege during a bust that netted half a ton of U.S.-bound marijuana.

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Readers Comments (34)

  1. Rhonda Lawson says:

    I was victimized by illegal aliens in 2006 when I chose to go out to eat a late dinner with my youngest son, sister and brother in law. They drugged a pitcher of margaritas and what ensued was a nightmare for all of us involved. After I escaped from the apartment complex I was taken to 10 miles from the restaurant, I was picked up by a couple off the side of the road and they reported it to the police. After the illegals *8 men 1 woman were arrested and sent back to mexico, I was poisoned twice because it seems that I caused a big stop in the cartels cocaine and meth ring they had going with the bosnian mob…how can there be no violence in america from them when they are allowed free reign in our country?????

  2. Karen says:

    we the American people are not duped, we know she is lying and what is the reason,,we have police trainers in Mexico training a police force that will , at a stipend of 4 million dollars a year for the next 4 years , eventually be used against us on those same borders, but what happens , closing 9 Border Patrol offices closed so officers are at risk even more.. she is a traitor like the rest..

  3. Larry Fleming says:

    Napolitano is just one more witch to be added to the list of Oblame-a crooks that need to be ousted and imprisoned

  4. Tay Douglas says:

    Duh! She’s been lying for years

  5. Pam Kulczar says:

    She’s part of the LYING Administration! It’s probably part of her job description!

  6. Nappy…lie? No, it’s impossible. Come on, vote all of the worthless individuals OUT! Enough lies. Tell the truth!!!!!!!

  7. Napolitano Lying, that’s really hard to believe :o)

  8. She is a Liberal, Liberals lie. That just something they do.

  9. Raoul Henri says:

    It’s a trait of that administration.

  10. Chad Kopecky says:

    I don’t think she lied. Who knows what happened in the process? Last time I checked someone else was in charge.

  11. Yes did…big time! But she is just following in Nancy, Harry, Eric and Obama’s footsteps!

  12. Lying> I’m shocked, just shocked..

  13. Chuck Hajek says:

    Put HER on the safe border armed with beanbags……

  14. Mark Dennis says:

    what is the real fix america civil . . .

  15. Liar – Liar hair’s on fire!

  16. Judy Davis says:

    when oblummer appoints a person to a cabinet member or any position even secret service, part of the job is swearing to lie for the kenyan. thats why a few appointees didn’t stay with oblummer long they just couldn’t force themselves to become the liars that obumer expected them to be.

  17. Jean Hampton says:

    Imagine that! Who trusts anything she or any of BO’s minions say?

  18. GOD BLESS THOSE BRAVE AMERICANS – Sheriff Joe – Prayers to yo

  19. Good. It’s about time someone holds that women responsible. She’d bought and sold by obama. How could she possibly think those borders are safe. She’s a idiot!!! and does not belong in that position.

  20. If this is about Napolitano why is that stupid ass cop pic on here. Az needs vote him out of office

  21. Peggy Gaul says:

    shock, shock..birds of a feather lie together.

  22. Dan Scammell says:

    From Asshole and Chief all the way down they lie..

  23. Karen will take a Joe anyday over some I’ve see and heard in other positions like his. He is following the Constitution and the laws of this country, lots more to be said for that than Obama breaking all the laws of our country!!!

  24. Hank Bentley says:

    All of DC lies, they all need to GO !!

  25. Larry Gibson says:

    what a disgrace this “Administration” is to our “Country” and all of our “Elected”…so called …”leader’s”…”we sent up there”….’TIME FOR IMPEACHMENT PROCEDING’S TO BEGIN’….”YA THINK”

  26. OMFG.. need to watch something rather than Foxnews… Everyone actually thinks that Mexicans are the only illegals in this country, take a look at your gas stations, motels, nail salons…

  27. What do you expect she is part of obummers regime! They are all wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them on the A..!

  28. Jim Kimbell says:

    Janet Nazitono just does what Obozo wants she has no clue what is happening anywhere at any time.

  29. Patti Adams says:

    I agree, it is mostly mexican and muslims. However there are many more illegals here that are starting up gangs and invading states that no one would even imagine. What happened to Ellis Island>?

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