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139th Tunnel found under US-Mexican Border

July 14th 2012   ·   26 Comments

ICE_mexico_drug_tunnel_26Nov10The Mexican government says troops have discovered another drug smuggling tunnel beneath the U.S.- Mexico border and seized more than 40 tons of marijuana. The tunnel, beneath the Tijuana (Mexico) – San Diego (California) border was the fourth such discovery in the past week along the 3,200 kilometer boundary separating the two countries.

Authorities say three of the tunnels were still under construction, including a 365-meter passage that began in a Tijuana warehouse where the marijuana was seized, and extended 100 meters into the U.S. side.  All four passages, including one found in Arizona, were equipped with lighting and ventilation.  One of the digs included a rail transport system.

Mexican and U.S. authorities on Thursday said the 220-meter tunnel linking San Luis, Arizona and San Luis Colorado on the Mexican side showed a high level of engineering expertise.

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration said the San Luis passageway is the only known completed and fully-operational smuggling tunnel ever discovered in the area near Yuma, Arizona.

U.S. authorities say 89 cross-border tunnels have been discovered in Arizona and 50 others in California in the past decade, as agents on both sides of the border press to curtail the flow of narcotics into the United States. VoA.

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Readers Comments (26)

  1. BDog says:

    They are not going to close the tunnels, Barry has Holder standing on the US side handing out guns, green cards and voter registration cards!

  2. Hey not to worry Obama is going to remove border guards so they won’t find anymore.

  3. Gary Hamill says:

    hey guys when you find those tunnels leave them alone but have deadly gas tubes ready when they come thru turn on the GAS

  4. Judith Bell says:

    they keep it up we will have Grand Canyon 2

  5. Vicki Thomas says:

    And what do they do with them when their found? Leave them? I’d like to think they blast it away!

  6. Ben Packard says:

    While I am glad these tunnels are found, I also know that portable and seismic equipment can find them in a snap.

  7. What the hell is going on here???? Our Troops are in the Middle East, and we have a Border completely opened and soon to be disarmed??? What is wring with this picture??? Wake up.

  8. Legalization is the only answer.

  9. Ellen Leone says:

    any large boulders in the area. Or may be a truck load of quick drying cement and water should flow thru these tunnels.

  10. Dan Krawczyk says:

    Well goodie. We have film documentation showing God knows how many illegals crossing the border and ignore them. This isn’t surprising.

  11. Danny Youngs says:

    And Obama shuttin down 9 Border Patrols????

  12. Obunghole has them coming in droves no wonder Mexico was the happiest country to live in all the scumbags are coming over here!

  13. Dynamite a 100 mile trench across and let the Pacific and Atlantic oceans meet. Let the Louisiana Alligators loose in there and there won’t be a problem.

  14. Ben Packard says:

    @alejandro, clarify, please.

  15. Diane Humpal says:

    LOLOL….omg Janie! Brilliant! LOL…….

  16. OH, is that why our president wants to close border stations. So more illegals get in to vote for him?

  17. tom clancey book no longer fiction

  18. Brie Cirbo says:

    It’s not just illegal Mexicans sneaking into our country…there are known islamic terrorists also. Their friend in the WH is giving them unblocked freedom to come on in.

  19. If they wait long enough, the fraud in the White House is leaving our borders wide open for anyone to enter. (including terrorists)

  20. This is not just Obama, it is something far greater. These are the tunnels that the Liberal machine have been keeping open to undermine our country; literally. It isn’t just politics anymore, it’s the attempt at a New World Order. And you know, the “Conservatives” we voted for and trusted aren’t doing anything to help. Illegals aren’t just sneaking in, they’re being given an invitation by the back-stabbers we elected.

  21. well looks like nappy and holder and the fraud might lose some voters

  22. Actually there are a lot more and the jerks in washington are trying to get the border patrol to quit finding them.

  23. Pitiful. Pigsh–s in the White House.

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