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‘Fast And Furious’ Whistleblower Says He’s ‘disappointed’ One Year Later

June 18th 2012   ·   24 Comments

GREENVILLE, SC – More than a year after ATF Special Agent John Dodson first blew the whistle on the scandal known as Operation Fast and Furious, Dodson says he is “disheartened and disappointed” by the congressional investigation and Attorney General Eric Holder’s handling of the botched gunrunning probe.

“I am here today because it’s been a year since the first hearing and Brian Terry’s family still doesn’t have answers,” Dodson said from his living room in Greenville, S.C.

In his first interview since February 2011, when he first revealed the U.S. government was helping run guns to Mexican cartels, Dodson exclusively told Fox News he has no regrets.

“We did it. I was there. I was part of it. You don’t get to lie about it. That is not who we are,” Dodson said.

According to records, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives operation sent some 2,500 guns to the Sinaloa Cartel from September 2009 to January 2011. Agents asked American gun dealers to sell the weapons and report the transactions immediately to the ATF. Despite their misgivings, most firearms dealers went along. When the guns began showing up immediately at crime scenes in Mexico, Dodson warned his supervisors their operation was going to kill an American law enforcement officer, not to mention hundreds of Mexicans.

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Readers Comments (24)

  1. Bruce DeLapp says:

    Holder is a contempteous bastard… if he had any balls, he would have stood up like a man and apologized for his mistakes… obviously he has no balls and isn’t a man…

  2. We knew nothing would happen and now that it is getting close to the election we can be sure nothing will happen

  3. I think we’re all disappointed that the perpetrators of “Fast and Furious” have not been brought to justice. I especially am very disappointed that Eric Holder has been allowed to be disrespectful in his testimony to Congress and has not been made to provide documents that the Congress has requested. There is no excuse for this kind of behavior at that level of government. The question is: What did the attorney general know and when did he know it? Fast and Furious is far more serious than Watergate and few people seem to care. People have lost their lives because of this stupid, irresponsible project. Where is the justice?

  4. First of all Congressmen Cummings is a Member of the Black Caucus& lies that they’ll get to the bottom of this & all will be punished , Another lie! he wouldn’t vote for Holder held in contempt Or that Obama was involved & had a Hand in this F&F!It’s been over a YR! & still Holder is holding Info on all this!Holder doesn’t want Obama implicated in the F&F cause this is the Election’s & Obama wouldn’t get the Election & Holder would lose his JOB! time is running out . Time to hold a vote & Hold him in contempt ! Then prosecute them BOTH! Obstruction of Justice! & Abuse of Power!

  5. Art LaHote says:

    Fire Him and throw his arse in Jail.

  6. David Wilson says:

    I don’t blame this man for being disappointed. The only result to this point has been a whole bunch of empty threats and demands – congress has done NOTHING. It’s all just an act and a circus now.

  7. Please GOD bless those KILLED by HOLDER’S Fast and Furious GUNS. Terry and Zapata!

  8. holder should be shot with one of the F & F guns,,,,SOB!!!!!

  9. “Disappointed”??? I am TOTALLY disgusted !! He should be impeached and tried for high treason !!!

  10. lock and load would be to simple.

  11. Dennis Neil says:

    If this had happened in the Bush Administration, the press would have had the Attorney General charged, impeached, removed from office and in prison within the first 2-3 months of this fiasco…!!! ============get out the vote!!!

  12. Dennis, word for word that thought was flashing through my mind. If any Republican especially in the Bush Administration was asked to resign he would be gone so fast you couldn’t have seen him for the dust. How does this piece of crap have the nerve to hang on. He’s such a crook!

  13. At least he Did blow the whistle. God bless his Patriotism.

  14. Patrice Hite says:

    America is “disappointed” in Holder.

  15. he should be out looking for a new job

  16. America should not be ‘disappointed,’ they should be OUTRAGED by the game-playing, favoritism, and failure to enforce our laws by the obama administration and eric holder.

  17. John Rhoten says:

    I too am disappointed, that Congress continues to le this guy get away with this crap. Boehner, I hear is making a deal with Holder. If this is true, Boehner needs to go as well.

  18. Mora Hartley says:

    I guess he is. NOTHING has been done to remedy this situation. It’s like a never-ending nightmare. I imagine we’re the biggest joke on the planet.

  19. Mora Hartley says:

    Besides, I imagine his life is in jeopardy 24/7. To risk his life doing the right thing takes a lot of courage, and then to just be ignored is unacceptable.

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