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Border Patrol arrests 23 sex offenders since October

June 19th 2012   ·   17 Comments

Since October 2011, El Centro Sector Border Patrol agents have arrested 23 criminal sex offenders illegally in the country, according to a press release.

All were apprehended near Calexico and are all males with prior felony convictions for sex offenses such as sexual intercourse with a child, rape and sodomy.

Many have extensive criminal histories, and all were presented for prosecution on federal immigration charges.

Five of those sex offenders, all Mexican nationals, have been convicted and sentenced for illegally entering the United States after being previously removed.

They are Filemon Jaimes-Rios, who was given six months jail time with two years supervised release; Ivan Osorio-Morales, who was given 18 months jail time with three years supervised release; Jose Emmanuel Melquiades-Fabian, who was given 37 months jail time with three years supervised release; Claudio Miguel Damian-Gonzalez, who was given five months jail time with one year supervised release; and Jesus Soto Mendoza, who was given 27 months jail time with three years supervised release.

The remaining 18 of those arrested await the conclusion of their immigration proceedings and will be deported to the country of origin after completing jail time, according to the release.

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Readers Comments (17)

  1. Karen Ankney says:

    and probably just deported them back to mexico so they can come back again. we need a 15 foot chain link fence (electric) with razor wire on top, a 10 foot moat on each side filled with alligators and pirrhanas…Then if they make it through all that; give them a freaking green card

  2. Karen Ankney says:

    all except the sex offenders

  3. Karen Ankney says:

    just chop them up and feed them to the gators

  4. Karen, I like your comments. And, I also agree, mostly, not sure about the “green card” though.

  5. KAREN is my type of gal! Up here in minnesota,they make good bait for bear hunting!

  6. Marie Boccia says:

    I dont know about the green card – the guy caught molesting a 4 year old held a green card…

  7. Deport them by taking them 5 miles straight and release.They will have a long time to wave goodbye.

  8. Chuck Hajek says:

    how many did they MISS???????

  9. Now that they are in custody, “CASTRATE THEM”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Castrate them then through them back across the boarder, right away!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Gee, I sure hope they’re back on our side of the border so they can vote for Obama in November. They’re the base of the Democratic Party.

  12. Jack Swenson says:

    good work guys heep it up and arrest oboma since hes not American born

  13. ‘t hear this on nbc,abc,cbs i bet!

  14. What about the sex offenders they missed, since they don’t catch all people coming over the border ILLEGALLY.

  15. Send them to Nancy Pelosis house, she’d love to have them as her guests!

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