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Arizona Border Incursion in Camouflage, Non-Tracking Gear

May 5th 2012   ·   14 Comments

As the President argues against Arizona’s efforts to enforce immigration laws that the federal government has either ignored or overwritten, he remains silent on illegal immigration flows on the border. Recently Arizona residents reported a growing phenomenon: Asians, often Chinese nationals, illegally crossing into Arizona.

The photo above was taken on April 24, 2012, near Nogales, Ariz., possibly west of Tubac, according to Zack Taylor, the founder of the National Association Of Former Border Patrol Officers. The guide looks Hispanic, but certainly not his clients. Taylor notes:

Three or four are wearing military-style web gear belts. I think at least one is wearing a sidearm, maybe three.

The water jug painted black is a dead giveaway they are illegal as are the over booties they wear.

They are dressed to look like Americans.

The first one behind the leader appears to be a Chinese female.

Six appear to be Asian, probably Chinese.

Chinese and Indian illegal aliens have become common in Tucson Sector.

Homeland Security is doing a wonderful job of keeping this quiet and under the radar.

In January, President Obama made a public appearance in Disney World announcing eased visa requirements for those seeking entry from around the world, but focused on easing visa restrictions for the Chinese, Brazilians, and Indians. Meanwhile, Congress is considering a “tourism” bill that enables the Secretary of State to provide indefinitely long visa periods to other nations, most particularly the Chinese.

As the administration focuses its press releases on the growing need for friendship for the country, experts who closely monitor the security landscape are increasingly concerned about the economic and national security issues raised by the breadth of Chinese activity in the United States. The Chinese are increasingly singled out for their cyber intrusions, university spying, and corporate espionage issues as described by former senior lawyers for the National Security Agency, Joel Brenner in his Foreign Policy article “The Calm Before the Storm”, and Stewart Baker (who was also the first Assistant Secretary for Policy at the Department of Homeland Security) in his book Skating on Stilts.

In addition, we are reminded of China’s long history of human rights abuses as Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng’s attempt to flee house arrest fell apart even while taking refuge with the U.S. Ambassador in China after the Chinese government threatened to kill his wife if he left the country for America. Easing visa restrictions in China’s suppressive climate is an invitation to illegal overstays and will likely not help those like Guangcheng who are not permitted to leave China. That suppressed Chinese seek illegal entry is understandable. That many other Chinese are forced into spying and other acts of espionage on behalf of their government is not acceptable. Other means of diplomacy should be engaged to stop human rights abuses and permit asylum claims, as well as develop assets to curtail the espionage. But we can’t turn a blind eye to our borders and allow those who have not been vetted to enter the United States illegally.

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Readers Comments (14)

  1. Vic Pafundi says:

    The President openly leads this Hispanic Invasion of America.

  2. Vic Pafundi says:

    The President openly leads this Hispanic Invasion of America. (Be very careful of Senator Rubio, who is now working on a Republican version of the ‘Dream Act,’ an EIGHTH AMNESTY AND CONTINUED REWARDS FOR FAMILIES OF FOREIGN NATIONALS WHO BREAK OUR LAWS! — DO NOT ALLOW IT–

  3. Beverly Lung says:

    NAFTA = other countries setting up mfg facilities in Mexico and operating under NAFTA to mfg good to transport under NAFTA. Many Chinese companies set up shop in Mexico. I understand they set up their own dormatories for those they brought from their country to operate/staff their facility -not hiring Mexican Nationals.

  4. Ther is more and more other than Mexican’s coming across the boarder these day’s. So, in a few month’s I’ll be moving to Arizona to help with civilian operations to monitor the boarder since our current administration won’t…

  5. Inkeri Salim says:

    Thank you Joseph! Excactly what needs to be done.

  6. MINE the border. All you need is a very small area and they won’t know if the rest is set or not. Just put up signs.

  7. Chuck Hajek says:

    There are illegals of ALL nationalities crossing…not just mexicans and central americans. Chinese, middle east, etc. and who KNOWS how many terrorists????????

  8. We can’t mine the border. If an illegal happened to get hurt or die, they would sue and win.

  9. Chuck Miller says:

    With NO! Penalities for Crossing Illegally—and REWARDS of FREEBEEs for all Illegals——-Can’t Blame the Illegals——-We only have one Decision , and AMERICANS, should Focus on REMOVING, the TRAITORs in WASHINGTON>


  11. Tommy Vann says:

    A Great Wall of China and 50cal. machine guns (automatically controled) all along the border with a 300yd no mans land and I assure you no one will cross! They don’t cross between North and South Korea! Simple and easy. Use all illegals for the labor and when finished give them a good meal some money and send their ass back across!

  12. obmama says:

    only immagration reform acceptable to the hispanics is the Mexicain flag flying over the white house in Washington DC

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