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Devastating violence

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Spanish source

The dispute barbaric drug trafficking routes and places is endless and Ciudad Mante, Tamaulipas, 10 people were butchered / A confrontation of “Los Zetas” with the Gulf Cartel criminal organization adds “El Chapo” Guzman, allied of the latter / in the northern states, the death climbing its streets filled with blood / In Nuevo Leon in various events 7 people are killed, while in Durango and Chihuahua, 12 people are killed / 46 The conference report finalized in 11 Entities

Ciudad Mante, Tamaulipas, April 14 (DPA, UNIVERSAL, NOTIMEX, AFP, AP, Reuters and newspapers.) – The dismembered bodies of 10 people appeared in Ciudad Victoria, the military and state prosecutors.
The discovery took place on Friday in the south of the state, a region of Mexico where they operate the group Los Zetas and the Gulf Cartel At present local authorities have not released information.
They were found the remains of nine men and one woman, several of them beheaded, in a van.


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Social Networking runs a series of photographs, where they observed several men killed, some beheaded.
It is unknown where such fact occurred and no one knows the date that happened, however the images can be seen narcobanners, one signed by the Commander Devil.
It follows that allegedly are the devastating effects of frontal and ruthless holding “Chapo” Guzman against Los Zetas in Tamaulipas.
Full text in the banner:
In another of the images seen several bodies lying at the bottom and a narcomanta signed by the King of Kings, where he also shows a drawing of a hooded man with body armor and a crown.
Full text in the banner:

Nuevo Leon

Elements of the Federal Police and Highway Patrol, held a confrontation with an armed group belonging to a group or rganizada elincuencia d, leaving two gunmen dead and several arrests.
The incident took place Saturday morning in the town of Mina, near the border state of Nuevo Leon and Coahuila, where they were operating this cell the c rhyme or rganizado.
The Justice Department reported that they are still investigating the facts, which has not been determined to be criminal group belonging victims.
Authorities said the two people killed, was the result of a chase and confrontation.
So far none of the now deceased has been identified, as they had a document in his possession.
One of the confrontation occurred at kilometer 54 of the Road to Monclova, where was the body of one of the gunmen killed.
They mentioned that in that place, federal forces were met with a criminal group that circulated in a convoy on the highway Monterrey-Monclova direction to the neighboring state.
They explained that when they ordered him to stop the suspects, they fired their rifles high power against the feds, who responded immediately, getting shoot down one of those involved.
Later, in the kilometer 90 of the same cavalcade, elements of the State Police, held a second match, where another of the gunmen was shot dead.
The events led to the rapid mobilization of units of the Ministry of National Defense and Research Agency, who until now are looking for those responsible for the attack on the Federals.
The soldiers were placed in a defensive way before the junction of the road to Ridge, where you could see the convoy of police officers.
Agents reviewed several ranches in the area, where they seek suspects ranches that are used as safety zones.

Moreover, the bodies of at least two people were found apparently murdered in a vacant lot, on the slopes of Cerro de La Silla, at the height of Fractionation La Trinidad, Ciudad Juarez.
The discovery of the bodies was reported to authorities around 12:30 pm in an unpopulated located approximately 20 meters from the intersection of Avenida La Trinidad and San Pedro, an area that is being guarded by state police, ministerial officers and elements of Army.
Until 14:00 hours, experts from the State Attorney were inspecting the site of the find, which shows a sign that says property of Meseta La Silla, SA de CV
One source reported preliminarily that the bodies are decaying and are apparently two men, of those still not established how they were killed.
While ministry officials and experts inspected the area of ​​finding
On the other hand, in the first minutes of the morning of Saturday, two men were executed in the 6 kilometer road that connects the municipalities of General Teran and Montemorelos, at the height of the community called La Cantera, in Nuevo Leon .
Both men approximately 35 years old, remained lying on the rail in the direction of General Teran. The bodies were a few meters from a vehicle HHR, in blue. The unit stayed with the engine running, had reported as stolen and also found traces of blood.
The men were wearing shirt and bermuda, one was barefoot and blindfolded. They had a shot in the head.
The Mexican Army resguardaron the area while conducting related investigations, and then from the Medical Examiner staff lifted the bodies.
The bodies were taken to the morgue for autopsy to apply the relevant law, which so far remain unidentified.
Also, by shocking a man was executed in several shots after being attacked inside his home located in the Municipal Bureaucrats colony, south of the city of Monterrey.
Several friends in the revelry that accompanied the victim, hit him to wear even with some signs of life at a hospital, but died while being operated by doctors.
The tragic events were recorded at 02:00 hours on Saturday in a house located at the intersection of Pedro Pedro Quintanilla Quintanilla and private colony in that city.
The now deceased was identified only as “Hector” alias “La Tortuga”, 23 years old, who works as a bricklayer.
The alleged perpetrators are several individuals who allegedly belong to a criminal group.
Local residents mentioned that the perpetrators of the crime, warned him to lower his volume, but ignored their requests.
Therefore, the gunmen returned to confront the victim and his companions, who fired several shots, but only wounded “Hector” who died minutes later with three hits on his body.

Finally, a man died after being shot by suspected members of organized crime in the municipality of Apodaca.
The attack happened around 18:30 am in the house marked No. 131, Street Acatlán Tala is the junction of the North Noria colony in that municipality.
According to initial investigations by the authorities of the State Agency of Investigation, armed men aboard a vehicle Jetta Cherokee and a van stopped outside the home down and opened fire on the now deceased.
The 39-year-old was identified by his sister as Jose Juan, as the women said they were talking at the entrance of the home.
Arrived to the place elements of the Federal Police, the Mexican Army and the Attorney General who are shielding the area while carrying out investigations.


In Chihuahua, two men were shot to death this morning outside a bar in the center of the city, which apparently tried to flee the gunmen, but were hit by bullets, authorities said.
The incident occurred around 00:00 hours today, outside the Garibaldi bar that is located in Aldama and 21 th streets.
Elements of the Municipal Police, the Single State and the Attorney General’s Office attended the scene and cordoned off the area after, experts began gathering evidence such as shell casings of “goat horn” and / or AR-15.
In Ciudad Juarez, minutes after 23:00 hours on Friday, two girls were attacked by an armed group in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua.
The incident took place outside a home located at the intersection of the Amnesty Trail and Trails of Campomanes, the Trails Subdivision San Isidro.
Both quinceañeras were talking on the sidewalk outside the house of one of them, when suddenly they were surprised by heavily armed gunmen who were traveling aboard a vehicle.
The girls were attacked with gunfire, the gunmen fled away. Witnesses said the criminals had their faces covered.
Immediately the situation caused alarm among residents from the area who were in charge of calling the local authorities.
One of the girls was dead outside his own home, right away the victim’s parents left, entering a nervous breakdown by not believing what was happening.
Authorities cordoned off the area while local paramedics provided relief to the girl friend of the executed. The girl was taken to a nearby hospital, his condition is reported as very sensitive.
A man was thrown from a vehicle in the Del Carmen, only to be deprived of life to death.
The body was in the middle of the road, the intersection of Bismuth and Hospital, observed that his head was covered with a black bag.
The hands of the clock marked 21:00, when a car stopped in the dark.
At least two types quietly dropped a bundle of the unit, which was discovered after a person.
According to the version collected, one of the men fired several times against the body, then get in the car at high speed.
The person was victimized a few meters of a derelict walls, which would have been considered by the executioners, to find that nobody recognized them when leaving the dead on the site.
Municipal police first approached the scene, so proceeded to conduct the cordon, setting the guard came as experts and researchers from the DPP.
So far there were no identity of the debtor, so it only mentioned that would have an age between 20 and 25.
That person was wearing a black shirt, trouser the same color with white stripes and white tennis shoes.
A boy of 16 was killed today in the morning with a knife and abandoned on a street in the neighborhood of Villa Residential Real.
According to the communication protocol of the Attorney General, the victim was identified as Cesar Alvarez Gomez, whose body was found at 1:36 pm today at the intersection of Basaseáchic and Santa Isabel, of said subdivision.
In the area, said a knife with EGF hematic traces, so it is presumed that the murder took place at the point where the child was located.
Wood, elements stationed in the Ejido Largo Maderal attended a report of a person who was found on the road to Ejido Two highlighted Pomas where he was found without head or hands or genitals.
According to information provided by elements of the Ministerial Police West zone, the finding was in the 166 kilometer stretch of the neighborhood asking for support staff Semefo to lift the body of the person, all the other members of his body in a hill was the place.
Coroners stressed in his report that the person had two tattoos, mentioning the first reading “Luis” and the second reading “Luis and Lupita” evidence that he joined the research workbook that follows.
Was also reported that the person measuring 1.60 meters tall, is slim and wearing at the time of finding a pair of blue jeans and a shirt color black rock.


In Durango, three people were found dead in the morning in the suburban area of ​​Durango, while in the municipality of San Dimas a confrontation left a toll of three people dead and two more injured.
Raymundo Enriquez Partida, a spokesman for the Attorney General, reported finding a person dead in Durango-Mazatlán highway at Kilometer 13, where was located at an unidentified person between 30 and 35, who presented bullet wounds.
Also, the Durango-Zacatecas road, the cellulosic plant height were found two people Centauro lifeless, which were abandoned at the edge of the asphalt.
One was identified as Enrique Diaz Reyes, 41, who presented contusions in different parts of the body, the second was not identified, but is the age of a 25, who presented signs of having been strangled.
Meanwhile, in the town of San Miguel de Cruces, in the mountain town of San Dimas, was recorded on Friday in a shootout that killed Ismael Pulido, 26, Javier Nunez Ortiz, 19, and Leonardo Rivas Sanchez, 23.
In the place were two vehicles whose crew exchanged fire, so also injured Victor Manuel Reyes Ayon, 25; Herbando Reyes Meraz, 4, who were hit by bullets from opposing groups.
The injured were waiting for a transport truck and when they heard the blasts sought shelter, but were hit by the impacts, so that the former presented a wound in the left thigh and minor injury in the left forearm.


In Acapulco, another terrible and gloomy scene was observed during the early hours of Saturday in the port, as four men were executed in a more than bloody.
Authorities of the State Public Security Ministry and the Municipal Police, were present at the Acapulco-Mexico highway, off the village of San Agustin bodies, next to a gas station remained four male persons executed.
The finding was reported minutes before 06:00 hours gave, on the road four bodies remained abandoned. The victims were found traces of brutal torture and injuries caused by firearms.
The four men were tied hands and feet, they were not found any identification.
The bodies have not been identified yet. One of them belongs to a man between 30 and 35 years old, his torso and arms completely tattooed with various images.
The second belongs to a man between 25 and 30 years, with a tattoo on his chest. The third would have 20 to 25 years, and right calf had tattooed my crazy life.
Elements of the National Defense Secretariat were also present and provided security in the area also undertook to raise various cards that had narcomensajes yet unknown content.
The four men remain on the premises of the Medical Examiner as unknown.


In Jocotepec, a new discovery of corpses turned Thursday morning in Jocotepec, Jalisco. Near the road were found executed three men who had severe signs of torture.
The bodies of three men, who appear between 35 and 45 years old, were located approximately at 07:40 hours, on one side of the road that goes to Jocotepec Chapala, within the boundary of the second municipality in question. People passing through the area came across the bodies and immediately made a report to local authorities. Specified that human remains were at the 8 kilometer road in question, within the parking area seafood restaurant called “The House of Catfish.”
Until the site met officials from various corporations, as well as the State Attorney General (PGJEJ), who confirmed the presence of the three people dead, piled with severe signs of torture.
Although we could not establish when the evolution time mortis, it was speculated that the victims were abandoned during the night.
Two of the bodies showed signs of strangulation, while the other had a bullet wound.
One of the dead dressed as a woman, plus they had the makeup eyebrows and was dimly outlined. The victim cut her hair, gouged out both eyes.
None of the deceased brought identification, so that it could not reveal his identity.
As evidence, forensic experts found only a rope in place.
Later the bodies were taken to the Ocotlan Semefo for On performing the autopsy of law and thus know the exact causes of death. Also, are expected to be claimed and identified by family officially.
One victim was wearing a shirt and boxer, had tattoos on both legs.

Woman found mutilated

After an anonymous report addressed to the Municipal Police of San Ignacio Cerro Gordo, Jalisco, came with maimed and half-buried the body of a woman about 30 years old.
After the call, the officers went to check the report at 14:30 pm and located the body which was naked and maimed in the head and the upper and lower extremities, ie arms and legs, in an area located near the Rancho Tres Palos.


In Ziracuaretiro, the body of a woman who murdered navajeraron and execute him, was found in a clandestine grave located in a field near this town.
The find was around 20:30 pm last Friday, when the base of the state police received a report that the interior of the property known Barro Nursery had an area with loose soil and suspected that someone was buried within.
Therefore the social representative, accompanied by experts and ministry officials, went to where the digging is actually a burial underground, where he was buried a dead body female.
The victimized was buried to a depth of 65 centimeters, had puncture wounds in the neck, chest and left hand.
Subsequently, the now deceased was identified as Maura Leyva Carmona, 46 years old, whose body was taken to the Medical Examiner, where she underwent rigorous studies.
In Yurécuaro, the body of an unknown subject, who tortured and cut his neck, was found lying on the roadside Yurécuaro-La Conception, but up to now know the motive.
The incident was about 9:15 pm in the vicinity of this town, where the public prosecutor ordered and attested to the postmortem examination of an individual light-skinned, of medium build, about 1.66 meters tall, between 30 and 35 years old, short hair, brown and straight, and trimmed mustache.
This person had multiple signs of violence in various parts of their humanity and apparently was killed by being beheaded, wearing a blue jeans, a brown shirt with stripes and white was barefoot.
Also, it was not possible to identify it in among their belongings was not carrying any documents that would enable his generals, so it is expected that their relatives can recognize and claim the local amphitheater, where he was transferred.
In Lagunillas, three bullets in the chest was killed a man, who is as unknown, whose body was left in the vegetation in the vicinity of an area of ​​this municipality.
The fact was on the edge of 12:00 hours, at a place known as Los Nogales, the Ejido Las Pilas, this demarcation, where he went to the common law attorney to testify about what happened.
The victimized is between 25 and 30 years old, 1.80 meters tall, strongly built, of fair complexion, full beard with a mustache, and hair and brown military style, wearing a black shirt with the legend Panter Lords , black denim trousers and shoes brown suede type.

State of Mexico

In Zinacantepec, two people were found dead in the community of San Juan de las Huertas in this county. The municipal police reported that in a wasteland of Mina street, neighbors spotted two young people with wounds caused by sharp, pointed weapon.
One of them was still alive, but sadly died when receiving first aid, as a result of multiple wounds in different parts of the body, the second victim died from a wound in the neck. So far the victims have been identified are two men of about 20 years old.
Ecatepec, last night a man died and six others wounded during a shooting incident in the town.
The incident occurred between Calle Ignacio Allende and Garmendia, Xalostoc Trees in the colony, when strangers were several shots at the victims.
The injured were taken by ambulance to various hospitals nearby SUEM for treatment, while the area was cordoned off and there were dozens of caps of various sizes.
The guy who died was taken to the Medical Examiner as unknown assailants managed to escape and have already begun investigations.


In Culiacan, the Ministerial Police Director Jesus Antonio Aguilar Iniguez confirmed that there were two clashes in La Palma Navolato.
The first was at the height of the entrance to Santa Fe, in the municipality of Navolato, where elements of the Panel of the state police and at least one gunman aboard a stolen van, fought with bullets.
The events occurred when a convoy of police ministry realized that a Hemi Ram truck, reported as stolen on 23 March this year in Guamuchil, was following them and started shooting.
After the first actions began a chase that ended at the intersection of Santa Fe where he starred in another confrontation, and finally the driver was shot.
The subject completed, which is still unknown as carrying a pistol grip 38 super with gold.


The early hours of Friday, recorded a phone call to the 066 emergency system, where a motorist that was circulating on the artery reported that up to an agency brewery, was a man lying.
When paramedics arrived Site Rescue Squad and Emergency Medical (ERUM), who observed the victim lying face up.
This individual was of stocky build, dark complexion, medium height and wore a black colored slacks, blue plaid shirt with white, blue socks and barefoot.
The scene was cordoned off by members of the State Preventive Police, who requested the support staff of the Attorney General of Justice (PGJ).
Experts realized that the deceased had injuries on his wrists and ankles, and was allegedly tied up.
On one side of the body could be seen the marks of the tires of the vehicle in which the victim was taken, who died asphyxiated by strangulation, according to the results of the autopsy.
The deceased was identified as Miguel Angel Lopez Montes de Oca, 53, taxi driver, a resident of the colony Estrada Cajigal Cuernavaca.
It should be noted that according to data compiled by The Union of Morelos, the driver was kidnapped on Monday as his family asked for a ransom, but still is not known whether ransom was paid or not.

Federal District

A man was killed this morning from a gunshot to the head while riding his bike, apparently fired from a moving car on streets of Colonia Victoria of Democracies in Azcapotzalco
The incident took place as at 01:00 am this Saturday at the intersection of Melissa and Ruda, after police patrol sector P 11-11 Cuitlahuac of the SSP-DF received a report that had heard gunshot blasts and that a man was lying in the gutter vehicular and bleeding from the head.
14 ambulance paramedics Azcapotzalco Civil Protection rushed to the scene to assist the victim, but the gunshot wound in the skull, just behind the right ear, killed him almost instantly.
The now deceased was identified as Julian Vazquez Prado, 37 years old, his sister Mary of the Angels, 47.

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