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Another Congressman Calls For Eric Holder’s Resignation Over Fast And Furious

April 18th 2012   ·   25 Comments

Justin Amash SC Another Congressman Calls For Eric Holders Resignation Over Fast and Furious

Things are starting to look really bad for U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, whose continued presence in Obama’s White House cabinet may prove a devastating liability to the Democratic ticket in November.

When politicians like Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney call for Holder’s resignation, the chattering classes yawn, and rightfully so. Last month, a top adviser to Mitt Romney blurted out on national television that he would simply change positions on some issues after the primary, and shake up his old positions “like an Etch A Sketch. You can kind of shake it up and restart all over again.”

With such a mercenary attitude, it’s easy to dismiss the former governor’s calls as political grandstanding for no other purpose than rallying his base to come out and vote for him. Likewise, when many party-line stalwarts in the GOP call for Holder’s head, it’s not hard to imagine that the Attorney General is in more trouble for having the wrong letter next to his name than he is for any actual malfeasance. But when a politician as principled and independent as Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) adds his voice to the growing chorus of calls for resignation, pundits should take notice.


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Over the weekend, a spokesman for the freshman congressman from Michigan told The Daily Caller that Amash believes Eric Holder should resign over the scandal surrounding the Justice Department’s incomprehensibly reckless Operation Fast and Furious, in which, “Over 2,000 weapons, including AK-47s and .50 caliber rifles, plus ten thousand rounds of ammo were deliberately allowed by ATF to go to drug cartels so they could be tracked. Almost comically, the tracking device on the weapons was a GPS bought at Radio Shack. Yet, the battery life was only three months, making it impossible to know where the guns were after the batteries died.” Amash is the 124th House member to call for Holder’s resignation and/or sign a House resolution of “no confidence” in Holder as the nation’s attorney general.

Read More at IVN. By W.E. Messamore.

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Readers Comments (25)

  1. How many does it take to get the job done already????

  2. Art Martin says:

    Yep The JIG is up,,another no experience Num Nut Bastard pretending :)

  3. Rick Hession says:

    Holder knew about this from the start. Liberal B.S. If it was republican the press would be all over it.

  4. I just started reading the book on this. So far the 1st chapter is good!

  5. Susan Hahn says:

    this was up before it started no would say anything because of Obama!!!

  6. Well, this might be off the topic at hand, but wait till Ted Nugent gets done drilling and grilling the SS. My friend was border patrol in Yuma AZ..
    He recently retired at a young age…….he’s opened up a little about what he’s seen……Mexico would not be for me…nor would living that close the the border. This Administration? My opinion only, is of no value to the American people. I’ve no time for this entire gig.

  7. Katie Pavlich’s book “Fast and Furious”. A must read on this subject. In the first couple of chapters you will learn that Obummer and Holder are both longtime anti-Second Amendment. And both have lied about their true position on the Constitution – that they want it gone.

  8. He should be made to go. His hands (and many others) are stain with blood just as surely as the one that pulled the trigger.

  9. Bev Minich says:

    All of this info was easily found long before he was emaculated. Just a bit of research and no media. NO ONE vetted him, not even McCain when he had the chance in the debates. He and all of his minions, including Hillary, have long been anti-2nd Amendment. They don’t want US to defend ourselves against THEM. Wonder why DHS bought 450 MILLION rounds of ammo? OK FOR ME BUT NOT FOR THEE.

  10. Bev M. could not agree more, Obama was never vetted, but anyone seeing him and Rev. Wright had to know this was not going to go well for us!!!!

  11. Holder should have his license revolked!

  12. Or we could wait until the New Black Panthers get tired of him and put a bounty on his head. Oh! Silly me! They need him just where he’s at. Oh well.

  13. I wish ALL of them would do this!!!

  14. Al Jones says:

    @ Marilyn, They don’t because they are a bunch of butt kissing panty waist, ALL OF THEM!!!!!!

  15. they need to quit playing word games and get on with it. saying something and doing something is to different games. impeach him and then lock him up then america will believe your words

  16. John Kinge says:

    The Congressman is right. Why hasn’t the impeachment process been started yet? Holder’s job as AG is to enforce our laws. He doesn’t get to pick and choose which ones to enforce and which ones to ignore, and he most certainly is not above the law. One of Bush’s AG’s was forced to resign over a far lesser offense than Fast And Furious.

  17. Most of our representatives, aren’t representatives at all. If they were they would defend our views and our constitution. We need “REAL” Americans who will stand up for America!!!! Impeach the idiot!

  18. It’s about time he made up his mind. He’s probably up for re-election. The ones not for his prosecution should be ousted.

  19. How about telling the.entire Obama administration to resign.

  20. What a terrible example for our kids!

  21. Do you think anyone put the ones who calls for Eric’s Resignation is listening? Tell me this Mr Congressman that doesn’t listen to their constituents, Why haven’t you ALL Started the paper work a long time ago? All you all do is Talk about it but you do nothing. You all are Clouds without rain, all talk, no action. You all have heard the people screaming at you, now stop your belly aching and get off your hineees & do something about it, you cry babies

  22. What’s the hold up! get him out—

  23. that is great but why isn’t Congress moving faster on this, how many more of our officers have to be killed, Holder should ha ve been fired at election time when black panthers were involved with voters

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