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Proceso Exposé : "Los Zetas" infiltrate the Army, PGR, AFI, PF and Governorships

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The presence of the narco in the security institutions and PGR, neither Calderon or Attorney General Marisela Morales can hide more than just infiltration. The aforementioned structures are at the disposal of the capos of the cartels. As shown in a judicial file in which is described with detail-names and amounts of bribes, how federal, local police commanders and the army not only protect narcos, but they work for them as escorts, lookouts, informants, payers and even sicarios.

The arrest of four members of the criminal organization “Los Zetas” has revealed that operations are not only performed, but overlapped by the Mexican Army, the Attorney General’s Office (PGR), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (AFI) and the Federal Police (PF), as well as state and municipal police forces, both in Coahuila and Nuevo Leon.Five years into Calderon’s war on drugs, which accumulated more than 50 thousand dead and a similar number of missing, the federal security forces did not escape the corruption that the president repeatedly attributed to police and local institutions.

According to the preliminary investigation PGR/SIEDO/UEIDCS/041/2012, made just last February 8, soldiers of the Sixth Military Zone killed citizens who were denouncing criminals and their bodies disappeared, in addition they would hide from PGR, shipments of drugs.

The investigation adds that so did the PF agents, who also identified, confronted adversaries of “Los Zetas”, they placed checkpoints where they guarded shipments. Also, they implemented the payroll of the Federal Support Forces (FFA) that sends the government temporarily to fight the narco.

Marisela Morales

Meanwhile, other members of the PGR and AFI, with bribes at all levels, were responsible for fining the members of “Los Zetas” with very weak penalties, freeing those who were detained, and reporting to the Zeta leaders all types of denunciations, including anonymous complaints.

In the case of the corporations of Nuevo Leon, “Los Zetas” presented the payment of the narconómina to either state or municipal police and also had a link with the state government to maintain their structure safely.

(below Cicero Salazar in office followed by his arrest)

In Coahuila, Lieutenant Colonel Manuel de Jesús Cicero Salazar, who served as head of the Operational State Police and protected “Los Zetas” was recommended by the Secretary of Defense, Guillermo Galván Galván.

The Corruption in the States Attorney General (FGE), which accounts for the previous Attorney General’s Office and the Ministry of Public Security Coahuila) was known for years by Felipe Calderon, whose government did not act until the second half of February.

The morning of the 15th of that month, on the premises of the FGE feds arrested the commander ministerial Sergio Tobias Salas Tobogán, and the state police Julio César Ruiz Esquivel, “Chicho”, who were also responsible for executions and disaappearing people.

Hours later, Claudia González López,the sub-delegate of the PGR fell in Saltillo, and was taken to Mexico City. All three, like Cicero, are accused of collaborating with “Los Zetas” and Thursday, 23 were issued formal arrests.

On Thursday 16, Attorney General Marisela Morales said: “We are confronting all the corruption with a frontal attack that can be found at all levels in our own dependence. We are the first to set an example and we have actions without precedent in this fight seeing we’re combating against our own federal agents, prosecutors against, anyone at any level (if they are corrupt). ”

Morales said that there are more involved, but clarified they did not belong to this corporation. However, the same record that allowed the entry of the elements mentioned above also involves other members of the PGR.

As for military corruption, during the commemoration of Army Day on Sunday February 19, Calderon praised the soldiers but admitted: “It is true that there have been rare cases of some bad elements that deviate from the values that ennoble the institute armed with his uniform and thus betray the trust placed in them.”

These “exceptional cases” occurred in two of the greatest recorded entities with the most violence: Coahuila and Chihuahua, which make up the Military Region XI.

The cases documented so far are the disappearances and executions allegedly ordered by General Manuel de Jesus Moreno Aviña, head of the garrison in Ojinaga.

Manuela de Jesus Moreno Avina

And his involvement in executions of 39 Infantry Battalion, of Nuevo Casas Grandes, and now in the case of 69 Infantry Battalion, based in Saltillo.

Corrupting Power

The incriminating statements of the soldiers and officers arrested in March 2011 revealed how the corrupting power of “Los Zetas” escalated throughout the structure of the Sixth Military Zone, based in Saltillo, until the general Juan Manuel Vallejo Malibran, who served as chief of staff in the area and then was sent to Guanajuato.

So, on Wednesday February 8, PGR opened a preliminary investigation 041/2012, accumulating evidence and proof of inquiries 197/2011 and 101/2011, the latter made after the arrest on March 12, 2011, of Pedro Lara Toga, “El Guacho”, and Gerardo Hernández Sánchez,“El Gerry”, identified as leaders “Los Zetas”.

The two them are now protected witnesses of PGR. Toga Lara was given the confidential code name “Escorpión” and a Hernández Sánchez got “Sagitario”. In the above investigation, there is mentioned of another protected witness known as “Sérpico” and the statements of the three that came off to PGR and was deemed “accurate and reliable”, and has been useful for the capture of other members of “Los Zetas.”

In his statement on May 4, 2011, “Sagitario” incriminated (everything and their narcosueldos), the lieutenants Javier Rodriguez Aburto, Sócrates Humberto López González, and Julián Castilla Flores, who “earned” 50,000 pesos, and Marcos Augusto Pérez Cisneros, who got only 30,000 because he was “very lazy”.

“Los Zetas” paid 30,000 pesos to the lieutenants Alexis Rios Cruz, Francisco Javier Soto Nunez, Carlos Miguel Gallardo Ibarra, Edgar Sánchez Ruiz, Edgar Valencia Cardenas and Evencio Castillo Castro.

Sergeant Jose Luis Cerecedo Cruz, first officer Pedro Montes Vázquez and the soldier Omar Alejandro Martínez Rivera gave them 20 000. Pedro Montes Vázquez’s function was to operate communications and to transmit the orders of “Los Zetas”.

Another sergeant, Sergio Treviño Ríos, known by “Los Zetas” with code name “Tauro”, was who allegedly involved all members of 69 Infantry Battalion with the criminal organization and was responsible for paying the “narconómina” (narco payroll).

The arrested soldiers accused each other, and several crimes surfaced, including the murder of a lieutenant by the last name was Hoyos.

To the list of those implicated, names were added: Lieutenants Julio César Montiel Rumbo and Jesús Alberto Cordoba Rios, subteniente Francisco Javier Beltran Luna, The sergeants, Guillermo Flores Arrazate and Cecilio Ambros Antele, first officer, Salomé Juárez Cuéllar, soldiers Eleaquín Rubio Bautista and another with the last named Vinalay named. The list goes on.

Garcia Luna with Calderon

In the case of Lieutenant Soto Núñez, when he was arrested they secured 300,000 pesos in cash and weapons. According to the statements of Sergeant Treviño Rios settled in the file, Soto belonged to Montiel Rumbo team, battalion commander.

“Together with other lieutenants and soldiers, of whom I do not know the name, (Montiel Rumbo) was responsible for kidnapping and disappearing people opposed to the organization of” Los Zetas”, ignoring these activities and what he did to kidnapped people, and these in Saltillo, Monclova and Torreon,” said Trevino.

He added: “I know “El Rumbo” and his people. About three months ago (January 2011), They kidnapped three people who were teachers, engineers, people with some kind of profession, in the city of Monclova, because they put the Zetas on the spot.”

On Tuesday 21, the newspaper Reforma published other revelations of Treviño, settled in the military criminal case 279/2011, which affirms that General Vallejo Malibran is linked to “Los Zetas”, he wouldn’t inform the PGR about confiscated drugs, and he was carrying portable Kenwood radio given to him by the narco.

Regarding Lt. Hoyos, who was killed, Treviño said Hoyos guarded arms, money and cell phones, but he complained to General Vallejo to report fewer items and less amounts of money to the PGR, for which the general ordered to kill him.

“Narcosueldazos” – (Super Narcosalaries)

The statements of “Scorpio”, “Sagitario” and “Serpico” coincided with those of Luis Jesús Sarabia Ramon, Pepito Sarabia, arrested on January 11th in the limits of Coahuila and Nuevo Leon.

Luis Jesús Sarabia Ramón “Pepito”

Before the prosecutor, Sarabia narrated his criminal career, which began in 2005 as manager of the “little shops”, (narcomenudo) in Nuevo Laredo. Sarabia, is a compadre of Miguel Angel Treviño Morales, “L-40″, who upon hiring him, assigned him the code “L-44″.

Miguel Angel Treviño Morales, “L-40

In late 2007 he joined “The operation”, as the escort of “L-40″ and his brother Omar Trevino Morales (L-42) while hiding in the cities of Reynosa, Rio Bravo, Valle Hermoso and Matamoros, when the “Gulf Cartel”, then still allied to “Los Zetas”, were fighting for control of Nuevo Laredo against the now imprisoned Édgar Valdez Villareal “La Barbie” and Arturo Leyva, “El Barbas” was murdered in Cuernavaca.

In 2007 Sarabia was sent to Piedras Negras with “El L-42″ to act as “tranca”, communications manager of the organization in the city. In 2008, “El L-40″ made him the chief of the plaza Monclova and in 2009, Heriberto Lazcano sent him to Saltillo as plaza boss, but by then , part of pools, and investing money which gave him a profit of about $ 100,000 dollars a month. According to the witness, the code in “L” followed by a number is assigned to those in charge of Nuevo Laredo.

In his statement, Sarabia confirmed corruption in the PGR and AFI. Also “Serpico” settled inside the AFI in Coahuila, a commander got a “narcosueldo” of 100,000 pesos a month, a second commander, 70 thousand pesos, and federal public ministries 30, 000 pesos. They were also giving away expensive vehicles.

To identify the members of AFI, “Los Zetas” used the key “three letters”. Besides having police commanders, under their control, they also paid to sub-delegate of the PGR in Saltillo, Claudia Gonzalez Lopez.

Sarabia accounts the day that “El Gerry” (the witness “Sagitario”), arrived at the bar “Carlos’ n Charlie’s,” the former used for meetings, with sub-delegate, who was given 100,000 pesos a month, and a federal prosecution agent Blanca Isabel Dueñas Beltrán (with payments of 25,000 pesos) and Gladis Feliciana Leyva Quintero (50,000). In total there were five prosecutors and the sub-delegated.

In February 2010, the sub-delegate and MP González Leyva López Quintero, met Sarabia and “El Gerry” at the Chevrolet agency in Saltillo to buy a car for an official of the PGR. She left there on board a blue pickup double cab. The vehicles that were given to the AFI, and sometimes the “narconómina” were delivered to the back of the building of sub-delegation of the PGR in Saltillo, in the colony Topochico.

And against the assertion of the Attorney General Marisela Morales that more staff is not involved in the PGR, witnesses and the accused revealed that they paid 50,000 pesos to AFI agent Jose Guadalupe Ballesteros Huescas, whom they knew since 2009.

Therefore it pointed to David Corral Huerta and Enrique Gonzalez Nava, the latter responsible for the state AFI, based in Torreon and who received 600,000 pesos a month to distribute among the officers assigned to Coahuila. According to Sarabia, and the heads of his criminal group, they roamed around the state without being bothered.

In addition, elements of the PGR and AFI liberated goods, vehicles and weapons secured in operations. They removed bad charges from detained Zetas, reported all formal or anonymous denunciations of its members, and shared information submitted or requested by the Office of Special Investigations into Organized Crime (SIENDO) of the PGR.

In January 2011 they withheld payment because the FFA stopped “El Risas” in Saltillo, whom since May 2010 was the ‘cook” in charge of burning so the bodies were unidentifiable. “El L-40″ ordered to release “El Risas”, who along with Sarabia and other “Zetas” were his personal bodyguards in the years of war against Los Beltran Leyva for the plaza Nuevo Laredo.

It was not possible to release “El Risas” because the FFA had already given notice to the office in Mexico City. The sub-delegated Gonzalez Lopez had to personally explain what happened and release the withheld bribery.

Captain Valbuena

The four “Zeta” detainees signaled, Captain Jorge Luis Valbuena Flores, as one of their operators, and an officer of PF in Coahuila and Nuevo Leon before. According to “Serpico,” the captain was in charge of the PF in Nuevo León when he met him and began to deliver payroll through the “Commander Lino” at the same level of control as “Serpico” and was later brought down by the army on 25 January 2011 in Monterrey.

Escorpión said he met Valbuena in 2008 and also in Nuevo Leon collected payroll for Coahuila, where he was sent in 2010 as a commander of the PF.

The same witness said that Valbuena introduced “Los Zetas” the commander Enrique Gonzalez Nava, AFI, , Azulejo, the commander of the FFA who arrived in Saltillo in January 2011, and the regional intelligence chief. At that meeting the Zetas commanders gave Azulejo 2 million pesos and agreed to the amount that they would give the officers while in the two states.

According to the statement made on the record, Valbuena facilitated the corruption of local prosecutors in Arteaga, Coahuila, to free the detained criminals, but also led direct action for “Los Zetas”. Indicated that Valbuena led the search for “Pepito” Sarabia in Nuevo Leon, where he escaped, pretending to be dead after a shootout against the military in 2010.

The captain of the PF armed group was instructed to place the filters to monitor the PF, at the entrance to Saltillo coming from Monterrey , and in the toll booth of the Highway 57 Saltillo, Mexico and near the free road to Torreon in the area of General Cepeda, all in order to identify rival commandos or their cargoes, and ensure free transit..

Valbuena provided information on operations that were planned in Mexico City, the PF and other corporations (“was very well connected in the Federal District”). According to the witness, the officer gave indications on vehicles, flights, times,number of people, and the objective of federal operations in the area.

The captain also “solved the problems that the “Compania” came to have on the roads.”

On that occasion, when I paid him in early January 2011, 70,000 pesos for him, and for the troops were given over 1 million pesos, as the whole corporation is committed to “Los Zetas,” says “Escorpion”.

Valbuena added that he delivered between 800,000 and 1 million pesos in envelopes labeled with the names of the beneficiaries. The witness “Sagitario” attributed the theft of five heavily armored, “blinded” vehicles on the free highway Saltillo-Torreon to the captain, in April 2009, after which he disappeared drivers and delivered vehicles to whom was identified as “Commander Chabelo”.

The same source said that the captain of the PF was escorting shipments of drugs, weapons and armor to the cities of Miguel Aleman, Reynosa and Nuevo Laredo, as well as trailers with “Chinese loads” (name given for Fayuca) by the Zetas for foreign merchandise destined the Federal District.

According to the “Sagitario”, the captain is also responsible for the transport of contraband through Corporate Senda and for passing it to San Luis Potosi by an independent supplier. Similarly, the federal command has been involved in milking the Pemex pipeline, as well as for providing protection for the extraction of gasoline in Hipolito, Coahuila. Valbuena owns gas stations in Monterrey and he handed the now protected witness a three axle truck with gas each month.

The Torres Charles

Humberto Torres Charles brother of former Coahuila State Attorney

Also learned through the witness information that in Nuevo Leon operated “The Kid”. He distributed the payroll to judicial, state and municipal police, representatives from “Los Zetas” were present. One of the individuals who received the bribe was the “Bachelor Muñoz”, linked with the state government.

In Coahuila, the pawn of “Los Zetas”, was retired Lieutenant Colonel Manuel de Jesús Cicero Salazar, “Viejo Loco”. It was part of the so called “Model Coahuila” and in mid-2008 he was appointed head of Public Security in Ramos Arizpe, Saltillo.

The “Model Coahuila” was a program coordinated by journalist Isabel Arvide, which called for the designation of 11 generals, five colonels, nine major and other officers who numbered nearly 200, all retired, who were given all headquarters municipal public safety.

Arvide described it in Torreon, February 17, 2010: “All the military leaders, in this model, are commissioned, after passing tests of trust by the Secretary of National Defense. Most have been generational peers of General Galvan served under him or have coincided with his command in various commissions.”

The state police, prisons and the headquarters of the municipalities were filled with soldiers who operated freely and enjoyed armored vehicles, high-powered weapons, travel, insurance and bonuses never transparent. His “moral leader” was the then commander of Military Region General Mario González Marco Antonio Barrera, and now inspector general of the Department of Defense Comptroller (SEDENA).

Arvide ended their working relationship with the government of Coahuila in May 2010 after accusing the then state prosecutor, Jesús Torres Charles, of colluding with the underworld. Some of the soldiers that he took to Coahuila later reappeared in other entities such as Tamaulipas and Quintana Roo. This was the case of Cicero, who was appointed Secretary of Public Safety, but left office after a street scandal in Cancun.

Cicero became known in Coahuila in the wake of a shooting that was against the escort of “L-40″. Local media nicknamed him “El Rambo” and he lived on the premises of the municipal police because he had death threats against him. However, the statements of the protected witnesses shows that “Pepito Sarabia” gave him 500 thousand pesos a month (200 thousand of these for another person whose name is not mentioned), plus they gave him a Cherokee truck.

(Below Emanuel Almaguer)

Another involved was Emanuel Almaguer, Municipal Police Commander of Saltillo, who paid the payroll and received support for expenses of the patrols. He was executed on 5 December with his son of 12 years.

Witnesses and Sarabia agreed on Humberto Torres Charles (brother of former state attorney general), nicknamed “Glenda”, was a deputy in the nineties, under the command of Humberto Medina attorney Ainsley, father of Governor Nuevo Leon, Rodrigo Medina de la Cruz.

Emanuel Almaguer and his young son gunned down in Saltillo

Humberto Torres was legal director of the State Health Department. Today he is a fugitive. Respondents contend that they gave him very high bribes (the first for $100 000) and gave him a BMW and a Mustang.

On Monday 20 journalist Isabel Arvide told the newspaper Vanguardia of Saltillo that the corruption of former prosecutor Jesus Torres Charles was addressed by Felipe Calderon personally to Humberto Moreira , who ignored him and kept Torres at the office since 2010.

Former Coahuila Governor and PRI President Humberto Moreira

Despite this history and the confessions and accusations made by the detainees, who are almost a year in the power of the PGR, this office has not made any investigation against the former prosecutor Charles Torres. And it has not solved any cases of forced disappearance of any persons, although the president Felipe Calderon pledged since mid-2011 to accelerate research and respond to families seeking justice.

Blood Stories

The warring narcotrafficking cartels are always in the middle of more violent confrontations between bullets, blood and death. Comandante Pepito, a recent zeta apprehended.

In his declaration before the PGR, gave details, among others, the death of a boss at the horse races, and the assassination of Jaime Zapata, an ICE agent from the United States last February.

Agent Jaime Zapata and scene of his murder

The declaration of Luis Jesús Sarabia Ramón, Pepito Sarabia or Comadante Pepito, explained some of the facts of violence of the last year in the northern region of the country, because of being close to Miguel Ángel Treviño Morales, L-40, his compadre, also because of his ascension in the criminal organization, Los Zetas, in which he became an associate.

Detained this past 11th of January, in a bloodless operation according to the investigation, Sarabia was indicted by Miguel Ángel Treviño Morales, L-40, his compadre, in which is stated that up until March 2011 he was region manager of Los Zetas, with influence in San Luis Potosí, Zacatecas, Jalisco y Coahuila.

All through out his declaration, Sarabia tells about the operations in which he directly participated in or knew about since he was part of the so called “Compañía”, such operation became news of international repercussions.
One of the cases is the attack of two Immigration Custom Enforcement, ICE (ICE) for the English Initials agents on Feb 15 2011.

That day the agent Jaime Zapata and Víctor Ávila were shot. On the federal highway 57 in San Luis Potosi Jaime Zapata died.

On the 23rd February of that year 2011, the investigation of the members of the zetas led to the detention of Julián Zapata Espinoza, El Piolín,, who according to the secretary of national defense (Sedena) he was the commander of Zetas in the Zone.

Ricardo Treviño, spokesman Sedena assured on Feb 23 the attack was due to confusion because the type of vehicle that the ICE agent’s were driving, the sicarios assumed were members of the rival cartel.

Feb 28, 2011 the government presented Sergio Mora Cortés, El Toto, detained by the marines. It was attributed to El Piolín. At an unusually face pace, the zetas were falling.During the year nobody mentioned that the ICE agents were armed until last Wednesday, the 15th of Feb. when the Washington Post made known other details of the attack, for example, the truck was bullet proof and it would have been able to withstand the shot of AK 47′s and the detonation of grenades, but the vehicle had a technical fault when placing it in “park” the locks of the door automatically opened.

The ICE agent couldn’t respond to the attack, they were overpowered by weapons.

(Heriberto Lazcano Leader of Los Zetas)

With Sarabia’s declaration, his information complements what already had been stated by the investigation of PGR/SIEDO/UEIDCS/051/2011, which was started with the detention of El Toto y El Piolín, since it explains the tension after what happened following the murder of Zapata murder.Sarabia suspected now of different federal crimes explained that El Toto was the accountant of the palza and had been in charge that week when the ice agents were attacked.

The investigation 051/2011 establishes that Sarabia asked El Toto to explain what happened and ordered to reunite with El Piolín.

With his squad, he was to either kill or deliver El Toto to the authorities. darle piso (kill someone) montarllo (hand over to authorities.)

the latter is what happened. The navy and Sedena were able to get detainees rapidly and not because of the intelligence agencies investigation as presumed by fillip Calderon to whom even Barack Obama congratulated him because of the detentions.

Sarabia was in Monclova when he was call upon by el Laszco for him to be in charge of organizing a portent against the construction of a federal jail that was going on in Monclova as stated in the investiga 041/2012

The matter became a crisis. The night of February 15, 2011 hours after agent’s Zapata’s murder, L-40, and el Lazca called Sarabia asking for an explication since he was the principal commander of that region. The first one to arrive was L-40

From Sarabia’s declaration: “my compadre 40 asks me what happened in San Luis Potosi , “that who had fucked the ice agents?”, referring to them as the blondes of ice, because I was the one in charge but I told him I didn’t know about that mes-didn’t really know the details since El Toto was in charge.

El Violin and another secario only referred to as El Tarta has been identified by mexican authorities as the executioners of the attack.

“Toto told me he had sent Piolín and El Tarta to steal trucks on the highway San Luis to Mexico, and it seems that it didn’t work out because of the people from the other side (Blondes). After that my compadre 40 called Lazca so they could check what they were going to do with me.

Once Lazcano arrives, we explain to him how things are and Lazcano explains that he has sent for me in Monclova because of the mantas for which my compadre 40 is pleased with what was said about them and they allow me to keep on working with the mantas”

Days later in the beginning of March, L-40 changes the assignment and then Sarabia opts to get out of the Zetas. L-40 left me a message with El Abuelo (chief of the plaza in Monclova) to go to the the war (they call it that way “confronting” the gulf cartel” in the Tamaulipas border), and don’t return to San Luis Potosi and to put myself under the orders of El Gallo y La Papa (both executed and burned on the Laredo-Monterrey highway) but I didn’t obey and at the end of March 2011 I stopped being part of the Zetas organization.Races in Fresnillo

Some months before his detention Sarabia started to have problems inside the criminal operation according to his declaration.

On Dec 15, 2010, there were races and parties among Los Zetas. They got together at a race track near to then Fresnillo Jail. The brothers Miguel Ángel y Omar Treviño, L-40 y L-42 respectively, Iván Velásquez Caballero, El Talibán Comandante 50; El Diamante, operator of Zacatecas; and another guy known as El Gordo who is in charge of the organizations’ horses and La Ardilla, Zacatecas plaza boss.

El Talibán asks Sarabia if he had done done something to his compadre L-40 because he was so very angry that he wanted to have Sarabia turned in. “The only thing I told him was he was mad because he had seen me with a woman from Veracruz who was a table dancer but it seemed L-40 had liked her.” explained Sarabia

There weren’t any complaints because suddenly they received reports about the presence of the Military in the area and the party was over.

The army finished the races for the day, and the Zetas managed to escape but confronted the military all along the state highway Jerez-Fresnillo. Only a pistolero died. L-40, L-42, El Lazca and La Ardilla flew to Monclova in private airplanes and Sarabia fled by land and hid in Saltillo

The official information said only a group of armed men had confronted a military convoy which repelled them, leaving a dead sicario.

Villarín y Cañada Park

The taste for horse races of Heriberto Lazcano y Miguel Ángel Treviño has been extensively referred to mainly because on different occasions they have been attacked or surrounded by the army while being spectators in this activity.

One of the first mentions of this hobby occurred in El Villarin, Veracruz when a disagreement between the gamblers ended in a shooting. That time Heriberto Lazcano it was speculated could have been the one was killed, but in reality it was Efraín Teodoro Torres, Comandante 14 o Z-14.

Villarín is a ranch with a narrow barely paved road. Upon driving through you can frequently see pigs and chickens before entering the small and poor house. However in that place is a contractable horse track with the capacity for 10,000 people and among its amenity are professional gambling professionals

The pot was 9,000,0000 pesos but at the end of the race the gamblers were not happy with the result . That is what started the shooting where Z-14 died.

Two years later, 2009 in Futurity, Cañada Park, in Ramos Arizpe, Coahuila they shot Javier Urióstegui Román, El Gato Urióstegui, a professional gambler from Morelos

Two days later, on a farm of alleged Allende, Nuevo León, during the wake, a squad group of comandos shot the mourners, where his brother Jose Carmelo died along with other relatives and friends of the gambler from Teloloapan, Guerrero, were injured.

While fleeing from Canada Park a convoy led by the Manuel de Jesús Cícero Salazar, then director of the public security. He confronted with the delinquents in his vehicle which was equipped with a video camera and it recorded the confrontation. During the shooting you can hear the desperate petitions for help through the radio to other corporations. The help never arrived.

According to the declarations of Sarabia it was El Gato Urióstegui who killed Z-14 or at least that is what he thought.”I met this person Cicero August 30 2009 since there was a shooting between Cicero’s Bodyguard/chauffeur against members of the company, among the presence my squad and I were there.”It was on the Los Pinos, Highway since that day there was a horse race to which El Comandante 40 attended because he knew in that place there was going to be a gambler who a year before (in reality 2 years before) had killed commandant 14 in the horse races that were held in Villarín, Veracruz.

Sarabia was stationed in the surroundings of a convent located around the highway to Los González in Saltillo when he received the order to come closer to Cañada Park but in transit he realized there were patrol cars waiting for the convoy of L-40 that they had already executed El Gato Urióstegui and was returning. Sarabia was in charge of the custody of the convoy of L40, confronting the police, he ended up wounded.

Two Faced Officials

When they heard on the news that the former prosecutor Jesus Torres Charles and sub-delegate Claudia Gonzalez of the PGR in the state, were linked to Los Zetas, the first by kinship, the second for providing protection, ‘when hundreds of families across the country their blood froze.

They understood that at the same time contributing new data to the officials to look for their missing relatives were essentially giving information to the criminals themselves. They understood also why, despite their efforts, the government has not found any of the persons reported missing in the state in these times of war against drugs.

“I feel frustrated with impunity, by omission, for the mess and the collusion of all local judicial authorities of the state of Coahuila, not just those already apprehended, but that they innumerable obstacles to families who did investigations, we investigate with superhuman efforts for being be ordinary citizens. And surely all that we presented to the prosecutor threw it away, “says outraged Mrs. Maria Guadalupe Fernandez Martinez.

In Saltillo photos of some of the 1600 ” Disappeared”

She is the mother of the engineer Jorge Robledo Antonio Fernandez, originated from DF disappeared in Monclova January 25, 2009. He was 32 and working at ICA Fluor Daniels in the Phoenix Project of Altos Hornos de Mexico. Since then the couple Robledo-Fernandez turned in search of their son and traveled every week to Coahuila to submit evidence to the prosecutor.

They gave him a video of suspected bar, windows sealed, which shares parking with the auto parts store where her son disappeared. Calls for a year, were made from the two cell phones of her son and even the location of the two ATMs in the bank withdrawals which were made with his cards. But he did nothing, not even include the data in the preliminary 002/2009.

They always ask us what new things we had researched and often we told them:” You have to investigate, that’s your job, not ours ” she said to proceso,” this woman who part of the organization United for Our Forces Missing in Coahuila (Fuundec), which has documented 230 cases in the state, 2007 to January 2011.

Preliminary calculations of the state government show that in the state over 1,600 have gone missing during the presidency of Felipe Calderón.

“We made superhuman efforts to get information: we did an analysis of outgoing calls from the cell of my son and we would take them every 10 days to show they were active, they were reloaded, and they had numbers used regularly as friends on several phones; we had bank card statements and we told them the week that showed steadily to withdraw money.

We were hopeful that they would put an undercover agent to wait, because Monclova is a small town. But Saturday came and the miserable bastards, who had taken out of 3 000 pesos each withdrawl until the cleaned the last 100 pesos., “he says.

The disgust, disappointment, anger, and the sensation of being scammed is shared by families that like hers , is dedicated to gather clues that will help the authorities to locate their loved ones. Not knowing they had enemies at home.

The director of Human Rights Center Fray Juan de Larios, of the Diocese of Saltillo, Blanca Martinez, also adviser Fuundec now today (Fuundem because it encompasses all of Mexico ‘missing) reports that, in the recent news, families are bewildered and outraged.
“we understand now why all these years not one missing person was found despite the fact that people have posted information that has been for nothing.”

Growing disenchantment

The Fuundem scheduled several regional assemblies urgently in order to take a position on that case. However, it is clear that will they may be asked to investigate the former Governor Humberto Moreira who kept Jesus Torres Charles in office despite his negligence.

Jesus Torres Charles
Brothers Humberto and Ruen Moreira, former and current Coahuila Governors

“The first loss was five years ago and to date there is nothing. There is a clear responsibility, at least by default and most likely not to look for deliberation, and that means institutional responsibilities and status.

No doubt there is direct responsibility of senior officials, such as the sub-delegated. So we will ask for an investigation into the former prosecutor, all officials involved in the alleged investigations of the missing and obviously, the former governor Moreira,” said Blanca Martinez.

Throughout 2011, the families set tables with state and federal officials who participated with the sub-delegate Claudia Gonzalez. “(She heard) all cases, giving her opinion, agreeing with families to find their missing, saying, with an unethical management to-emotional mothers angle that she understood them as a woman.”

(Below:Bert Resigns Amid resigns as PRI president over the Coahuila debt scandal many say to save the election for PRI December 2011)

Following the announcement 2 weeks ago week of the linking two of the two former officials with “Los Zetas”, mistrust between families takes hold.

“Since the first time we sat down with Humberto Moreira, in September 2010, one of the demands of the families was the resignation of Charles Torres for his acts of omission providing justice.  The then governor ignored it and when he left the governorship to leave the job of president of the PRI, he still told us: “Relax, here is the prosecutor, he’ll keep looking,” said Moreira. Despite the poor performance as state attorney Charles Torres.

Humberto Moreira’s successor, his brother Reuben, who appointed him head of the Office of Legal Affairs, where he watched the new laws being approved. During this time defining the crime of enforced disappearance that does not meet the guidelines of the Organization of the United Nations.

“The definition is tricky, to go off on tangents. we’re going backwards, is very ambiguous, the punishment to those directly responsible of the crime as well as the responsibility of the state in order to provide justice”, he says.

Disenchantment is not new. As time goes on, families on pilgrimage from one government institution to another to request the search for their loved ones, they have come to realize the complicity between authorities and criminals. However, up until now made explicit.

“For a long time, we spent and we trusted the word of those people whom tell the news, they are part of the criminals.. To us God lit up the April 27, 2009 when we realized that the prosecutor wasn’t doing anything.

We found that the new data that we had, phone sheets, photographs, had not been included in the preliminary investigation, but we had put everything in his hands. In addition he paralyzed us, telling us that we should not be searching for him because our son was in danger,” adds the mother of Jorge Antonio.

The engineer’s family decided to go to the PGR, until now the institution had not advanced in the case of his son. Robledo-Fernandez family and other members of Fuundec had talks with Deputy Interior Secretary, Felipe Zamora, who planned the creation of a state attorney dedicated to finding missing persons.

But it all stopped when he died in the crash with Secretary Francisco Blake Mora.”We want to investigate these people who are now identified, and now it may be the thread of the skein so painful for us,” says Mrs. Maria Guadalupe.

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View the “Coahuila Gate” Video (see paper trail of businesses and real estate owned by the Moreira family in the US…)

Humberto Moreira with Wife Vanessa Guerrero, far left and far right Minu and Jaime Guerrero, Vanessa’s parents.  Jaime is rumored to be an important ally to the Los Zetas.  In 2011 after a shootout between Zetas and Marina at a Saltillo safehouse word was that Jaime was at the house and was killed, a rumor that took weeks to discount.  The Guerreros are from Piedras Negras and was the site of the lavish wedding of Vanessa and Humbeto.

Link here for “A Closer Look: The Moreira’s a Family of Parasites-Narco Governorship”

Link to read more on the  resignation of Moreira 

Posted on forum and translated by HAVANA

Text unedited,  video and photos added by Chivis

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