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New movement seeks to pressure Boehner into action on Fast and Furious

February 12th 2012   ·   5 Comments

A new movement has been implemented by patriotic Americans that seeks to pressure House Speaker John Boehner into action on the Fast and Furious scandal.

The growing consensus among those reporters who first broke the story of the mammoth government scandal involving the illegal walking of U.S. guns across the border to Mexican drug cartels is that the present inaction of the Issa committee investigation can be traced directly to the intervention of Speaker Boehnerdespite the denials coming out of Boehner’s office.

Thus, concerned American citizens, such as Gayle Nyberg of Lea County, NM, have sprung into action with a plan that they hope will needle Boehner to agree with Issa that legal ramifications should be attached to the refusal of Attorney General Eric Holder to provide subpoenaed documents to Issa’s committee.

Nyberg has started a movement called ‘Operation Cojones,’ which as the name suggests, is designed to send Boehner a clear message concerning his courage or lack thereof.


In her own words via Mike Vanderboegh, Nyberg describes her plan:

Fellow Patriots,

So simple everyone can easily get behind this project.

If you are as disappointed in John Boehner as Speaker of House as we are, I hope you will jump aboard this campaign to let him know how we feel about his gutless performance.

Operation Cajones involves printing the attached letter. Sign and send that letter along with a pair of Fuzzy Pompoms (balls) to Speaker Boehner, at the following address:

Office of the Speaker H-232 The Capitol Washington, DC 20515

Here is the text of the letter:

Operation Cojones

An Outreach to Speaker Boehner

Speaker Boehner,

I have become increasingly frustrated of late, as you seem to lack the necessary courage and fortitude to pursue any number of actions that would lead the Congress to stopping the illegal and unconstitutional actions of this President.

Recognizing that perhaps your time in Washington has either removed or dramatically shrunk those essential apparatus from whence much courage and boldness spring, it is my humble hope that you will accept the enclosed prosthetic replacements for your own natural ones that clearly have atrophied to uselessness.

Please take these tokens and keep them in your pocket and at any time you feel the urge to cave in, cry, or give yet another pass to this budding tyrant, just reach into your pocket and caress these substitutes so you might be comforted in knowing you now have a big fuzzy pair.

Hope this helps.

Yours truly,

Nyberg hopes that multi thousands if not millions of citizens will send Boehner a pair to remind him that part of his official duties as Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives is one of oversight–to make sure that government officials in the executive branch are following the law. And when the evidence shows that such individuals are breaking the law, the Speaker has a sworn responsibility to support efforts to hold them accountable, including but not limited to holding such officials in contempt if necessary.

Issa had given the Attorney General until 5 p.m. Thursday to turn over hundreds of subpoenaed documents that his committee determined are essential to the ongoing investigation into the Fast and Furious scandal.

The deadline came and went with no compliance. Then, late Thursday it was reported that the Justice Department had asked for more time to deliver the documents, a request that Issa granted with no set deadline.

Insiders who are close to the investigation say that it is Speaker Boehner who is thwarting the process of holding the Attorney General accountable for his actions.

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Readers Comments (5)

  1. Clint Lewis says:

    The Repubican leaders are Cowards…they need to be shoved into action!!

  2. Stay on it& demand action be taken – People are not in love with what is not being done in Wash. on either side of the fence so stop picking your butt & get it done Very few that are there that will have my vote!!!!!!

  3. Boehner is a Washington insider, probably getting something in return for not hitting this too hard. It’s just a game to those inside the beltway.

  4. Boehner, you need to listen to the people, pull your head out and sniff the wind and see some sunlite…

  5. Marie Boccia says:

    that asshole stands in the way of going after holder- we will put him through the meat grinder! Stop this crap already! we know who was envolved and who gave the orders – now do your friggin job!

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