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Cartel violence is here: Teen tortured, beheaded in Oklahoma…press silent

January 13th 2012   ·   10 Comments

Bethany, OK – On December 21, Bethany Police Chief announced the arrest of Francisco Gomez, 31, who has been charged with multiple drug trafficking charges and is believed to have knowledge of the grisly murder of 19-year-old Carina Saunders.

Francisco Gomez

Francisco Gomez

Gomez’ co-defendant, Jimmy Lee Massey (aka “Big Country”), 33, was already in custody. Both are allegedly members of a drug/sex trafficking ring operating in Oklahoma.

According to an affidavit, Massey has admitted to kidnapping another woman and forcing her to watch as Saunders was tortured to death on October 9, 2011. Massey also told investigators how the young woman’s body was then dismembered.

On October 13, Saunders’ remains were discovered inside a duffel bag behind the Homeland grocery store at NW 23 and Rockwell Avenue. She had been beheaded and could only be indentified through dental records.

Tortured, beheaded by traffickers in America's heartland.

Carina Saunders

Massey also told and investigators  that Saunders was killed simply to send a message of to the kidnapped woman as well as other women to comply with those running the prostitution ring.

Chief Cole expects more arrests in the case. Many of those now under investigation are said to be Mexican nationals and the drug/sex trafficking ring is reportedly directly connected to one of the cartels.

Though the mainstream press has failed to report on the growing cartel and Latin American gang violence in this country, beheadings and torture killings are nothing new.

-In 2005, two MS-13 members were convicted in an Alexandria, Va. United States District Court for killing a 17-year-old pregnant girl. A rope was placed around the neck of Brenda Paz, she was then stabbed repeatedly. Her body was then left along the muddy banks of Virginia’s Shenandoah River. The murder was retribution for the girl’s cooperation with a federal investigation into the gang’s activities.

MS-13 (or Mara Salvatrucha) was formed by Salvadoran, mostly illegal immigrants in the 1980’s, during El Salvador’s civil war. While the gang was originally made up exclusively of Salvadorans, they now accept all Central Americans as well as Mexicans. MS stands for Mara (slang for mob), Salva (El Salvador), Trucha (slang for on-guard).

MS-13 began in Los Angeles and as members moved deeper into the country, more loosely structured gangs or cliques were formed. However, these cliques continued to communicate with one another, and the network was formed.

Over the years, MS-13 has become better structured, and the FBI believes that the gang’s L.A. members have a higher status among the group. The gang typically targets high school and even middle school students for recruitment.

-In October 2007, three Mexican nationals were charged with first-degree murder in the death of Mario Lopez, 27, also a Mexican national whose decapitated body was found a month earlier in the Atchafalaya River.

-On April 8, 2008, while testifying before the Florida House of Representatives in support of tougher immigration enforcement measures, Bill Stewart, Deputy Chief of Staff for Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum said: “Florida is the number one state in the nation for human trafficking. And I will just leave you with a recent story that occurred in the panhandle.”

“There were several girls that were trafficked into the panhandle from Mexico.  These girls were raped repeatedly over a week’s period of time, and one of them actually resisted while she was being raped.”

“So the smugglers grabbed all of these girls, chained them in chairs, and put them in a room. They brought in the girl who refused to be raped, and they beheaded her, in front of all of the other girls that were in that room. And they left them there, with her body, and those little girls, for several hours,” Stewart concluded.

-In March 2011, police in Chandler, AZ, announced that the man found beheaded in his apartment in October 2010 was killed after he stole from Mexican drug smugglers, who in turn, hired assassins to murder him.

According to Chandler police, Martin Alejandro Cota-Monroy, 38, stole 400 pounds of marijuana and methamphetamine from the El Chapo drug trafficking organization, and told the cartel that the drugs had been seized by the Border Patrol.

When the cartel discovered that Cota-Monroy lied to them, they hired hitmen to kidnap and murder him.

On October 10, 2010, Cota-Monroy’s neighbor found him lying in a pool of blood, decapitated.

Chandler police Detective David Ramer told reporters: “It was a very gruesome scene. Anytime you see a headless body stabbed multiple times, obviously that’s gruesome. And this is a message being sent — not only are they going to kill you but they’re going to dismember your body, and ‘If you cross us, this is what happens.’”

As the cartels and foreign gangs specializing in drug/sex trafficking continue to spread throughout the United States, there will undoubtedly be more little girls forced into prostitution as well as more grisly murder scenes.

Americans need to know that just because the mainstream press doesn’t cover it…doesn’t mean it is not happening.


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Readers Comments (10)

  1. Americans need to know that just because the mainstream press doesn’t cover it…doesn’t mean it is not happening.

  2. what is obama and the drive by medea and the liberals thinking of what thies cartells doing sounds like the alqida is in this country

  3. michael says:

    Obama knows everything they’re doing, he fully supports it. What do you think the north american union bill was about? this is the slime that comes from mexico. We need to exterminate these cockroaches from our country for good. Why the hell is my government allowing white girls to be kidnapped by these weevils like this? No legitimate government would stand for this atrocity, not once.

  4. michael says:

    Look at that f**king insect smirking at the camera. If there is justice in this world he will be tortured and killed in prison.

  5. OBAMA DOES NOTHING . . .. SAYS NOTHING . . . AND SUES ARIZONA … Obama took an oath of office . . . . “to protect and defend against all enemies both foreign and domestic” . . . Obama has broken that oath of office . . . OBAMA should be impeached not running for re-election1!!!!!!!

  6. I am NOT voting for Obama! I don’t care if Mitt Romney puts a latex glove over his head and screams, “Hi, I’m a Squid!” On national TV! I’m voting for Romney, because the alternative is completely unacceptable!!

  7. This is the same cartel that Obama and Holder sent guns to and were used to kill the Border Patrol agent and now THIS!!!! Obama and Holder should tried for murder for these 2 cases!!!

  8. Come on now, this is all fake and made up, according to the Great Napalitano, because according to her their is no problems with illegals and US borders.

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